KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Everything has its season and every game runs its course. Basketball is one of the many sports at Saint Leo University that contributes to the community. Saint Leo is big when it comes to the core values that help shape the family of the university.


On Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm the last game of the basketball season was played. The women’s Saint Leo Lions played against the Nova Southeastern Sharks. After a very long a successful season, the seniors of the women’s basketball team were acknowledged at the beginning of the game.


The seniors were number 10, Teresa Manigrasso, with a total of 397 points, 31 steals and 805 minutes. Number 13, Chelsea Williams, with 378 points, 12 steals and 477 minutes. Number 21, Erin Higgins, with 110 points, 13 steals and 380 minutes. Number 24, Chelsea Connelly, with 225 points, 36 steals and 831 minutes. Number 32, Keishara Green, with 202 points, 14 steals and 453 minutes.


Each senior had their spotlight time to be presented with a plaque, took pictures with the coaches and their family members.


The game was not only another competition for the fans and player of the basketball team. This game was a personal and emotional mission that everyone went through together. “Even though I only knew the players for a short period of time, I know that they are all great people. They are humble and considerate; I will really miss them,” said Brianna Trimmings, a student.


This game was essential and people really wanted to see the women off for this last game. “I have been to every home game for the girls’ basketball season and I have never seen the gymnasium so packed before this final game,” stated Charee Belcher, a student.


Both the women Sharks and Lions had a goal in mind while playing the entire game, the goal was to win and make each other proud. Each time one team made a basket the other team was right behind them imitating the same actions. The players kept the score neck-and-neck not letting the opposing team get ahead, making it tough for an easy win.


Half time was the only time the players had to rest. The game consisted of continuous baskets, rebounds, steals, and passes and even fouls. The team put their heart and soul into the game. Though the Lady Lions lost the game 76-67, the team walked away with much pride and joy because they knew they gave their all throughout every game of the season.


In the season, every game that was played, every basket that was scored, and every game that won or lost, each player gave their all. “There was never a moment that I saw the players give up, they fought to the end and kept their heads up at all times’” said Kailen Pierre, a student. Each player stood out in effort and should be proud of the achievements they have made together as a whole.