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"The latest count is over 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries and those victims many of those will be businesses including large corporations", Wainwright said.

He became an global sensation after he prevented hundreds of thousands of computers from being infected by the virus that wreaked havoc across the NHS.

The indiscriminate attack began Friday and struck banks, hospitals and government agencies, exploiting known vulnerabilities in older Microsoft computer operating systems. Discoveries like these and increased awareness of the attack should help stop new computers from being infected by the original WannaCry bug.

A company official said films were still being screened as scheduled and the company was investigating. "As expected, the attackers have released new variants of the malware". "Doing so will help to make sure the most unwell and urgent patients are seen as quickly as possible", the trust added. And the software is already inspiring imitators, as the Bleeping Computer site reports.

Kyodo News said one personal computer was affected at one office at East Japan Railway Co., but train services were not affected.

The Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center said 2,000 computers in Japan were reported affected so far, citing an affiliate foreign security organization that it can not identify. Dubbed WannaCry or WannaCrypt, the monstrous ransomware hack hit hospitals, schools, government agencies, and other organizations around the globe, Friday, May 12 - locking them out of their own systems and demanding ransom to be paid in Bitcoin.

Citing the far-reaching potential impact on customers, Microsoft took the unusual step of offering a custom support security update for users with versions of Windows that are no longer supported.

British media had reported a year ago that most public health organizations were using an outdated version of Microsoft Windows that was not equipped with security updates.

Bosses at Derriford in Plymouth said they had problems with their computer systems on Friday night but by Saturday morning patients were being asked to go to the hospital as normal for their appointments. Victims who opened the attachment in the email were served with the ransomware, which takes over the computer.

"It's fantastic we're seeing this problem at all, organisations have had a two month lead time to patch this exploit".

Britain's National Cyber Security Center has joined others in warning that more cases of "ransomware" attacks may come to light as a new work week starts Monday.

"Even if a fresh attack does not materialise on Monday, we should expect it soon afterwards", she said.

Xinhua says the system used by PetroChina's gas stations was attacked, meaning customers could not use their cards to pay.

Russian Federation and Britain were among the worst-hit countries by the attack.

Security researcher Matt Suiche - who analyzed the sample - noted that the archive through which the ransomware arrives on infected computers is corrupted, meaning it's not suitable for infecting users because it triggers various decompression errors.

The malware, known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt, first reared its head on Friday afternoon, and The Guardian reports it quickly spread across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Microsoft said it had released a Windows security update in March to tackle the problem involved in the latest attack, but many users were yet to run it. The attack did not target Windows 10.

In France, auto manufacturer Renault said one of its plants, which employs 3,500 people in Douai, northern France, wasn't reopening Monday as technicians continued to deal with the aftermath of the global cyberattack.