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It also increases spending by about 1.01 percent - $655,377 - even after $1.5 million in cuts were achieved through eliminating about 18 positions, including teaching positions, and administrator, custodians, clerical workers and a nurse.

Voters will be asked tomorrow whether they support the 2017-18 Batavia City Schools budget, with a spending plan of $49,870,585.

Brian Villante, the school board president, was re-elected with 19 votes. The budget will be $36,620,794, a 2.42 percent increase. The tax levy increase is 3.18 percent.

Seats for three members to the nine-member Board of Education were on the ballot, with only two declared candidates. Challengers Robert Silcock received 106 votes, incumbent Kathryn Millar, 56, Kristina Haymore, 53, and Randy Winn, who pulled out of the race for the seat prior to the election, won 35 votes.

"I am so relived that with budget passed and the Proposition 2 passed", said Ms. Anderson, the top vote-getter.

Board member Kim Henningsen expressed some concern with this, but added he would support Mr. Fitzgerald if he determined it was the best way to go.

BUFFALO, NY- People across the state head to the polls to vote on their school district's budget today. He said this year's budget has been amended to reflect the shortfalls. Board members have said they aren't willing to bet on tax increases because of the economy.

A proposition to spend $750,000 for five 65-passenger buses and three 29-passenger vans was approved, 589-338.

An increased employer contribution to the Public School Employees' Retirement System from 30.03 percent of payroll to 32.57 percent.

Residents also voted to fill two seats on the board of education. Tracy McCarthy seeks to replace one of the incumbents.

Putnam Valley residents approved the district's budget, 513-163 in addition to an energy improvement plan 518-117.

Among the reasons district officials wanted to exceed the tax cap was to pay for full-day kindergarten in Pittsford, which many districts across the state now offer.

Tuesday's vote, plus the recent resignation of another longtime school board trustee and a decision by one other to not seek re-election, means a majority of newcomers will guide the district in the coming school year.

The following is a breakdown of each district's candidates and budget information.

Pavilion Central has a proposed budget of 18 and a half-million dollars and a one and three-quarters percent increase in the tax levy. The school board winners were Glenn Nealis and Marrk Schneider, with 207 and 293 votes.

But if it fails a second time, the state would establish a contingency budget for the district in which it would decide what to cut. Kevin Weaver and James Zappie garnered 65 and 58 votes, respectively. "All the propositions will benefit the school district". The proposed millage rate will be set at 16.404, the maximum increase allowed under the state index, under new figures resulting from the Washington County property reassessment. business manager Crystal Zahand said the exact millage rate will not available until the final numbers from the reassessment are received from the Washington County tax assessment office, after June 1. Voters also approved the purchase of school buses and similar vehicles at a maximum cost of $380,000, with 151 voting in favor and 75 voting against.