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CEO Sundar Pichai unveiled Google Lens, a set of vision-based computing capabilities that can understand what you are looking at. Soon, Google Assistant will be able to tell you, using the camera and artificial intelligence. For example, if you point the camera to a particular dish on a menu, then Google Assistant will come back with the picture of the dish from the internet.

If you own a top-of-the-range Android device you won't ever be using Android Go's features, but for those who can't afford dazzling phones it makes a lot of sense to bring the highlights of Android O to those on tighter budgets.

"Ultimately, a digital assistant is just another user interface".

We'd recommend downloading the Android O beta on a spare phone that you wouldn't mind damaging. People using Google Photos app will be able to search for a specific person's image. That includes not only Google Assistant, but also Cortana from Microsoft and Amazon's Alexa system. Once app development is completed, Play Console services will aid you in its distribution.

Google Assistant will be the most-installed product, followed by Samsung Bixby and then Apple's Siri.

Google covered everything from machine learning to tipping YouTubers, with a juicy look at the next generation of Android in between. Took a blurry photo of the Eiffel Tower? It can also recognize things like flower species and other objects.

No longer will you need to write down what's in your vacation photos.

Google has also had a spring-clean in the Notifications tray and the Settings menu. Its second-generation TPU technology can handle 180 trillion floating point operations per second; 64 TPU boards in one super computer can handle 11.5 petaflops.

Not everything will work the same on both Android and iOS.

Pichai also announced the company will expand its search engine with a new jobs tab that will allow candidates to filter postings by criteria such as wages and commute time.

Picture-in-picture allows YouTube Red subscribers to shrink a video they are now watching, allowing it to play in a smaller window they can move anywhere on the screen while they use another app on the phone.

Hate entering Wi-Fi network passwords? Sharing-Centric feature has also been announced for Google Photos in which you can share the photo albums with your family members. Google is said to be designing apps like YouTube Go, and a new version of Chrome that will be easy on mobile data - an optimisation that will be of particular interest to users in rural areas of the country where high-speed mobile data penetration still remains low. Google is making the AI assistant more conversational and giving users new input methods - you'll be able to finally type to ask Assistant questions on your phone.