On Wednesday, at its annual I/O developer conference, Google announced the Google Assistant SDK. This year, both products are being significantly upgraded.

The "Best Experience" category covers what developers are doing with TV (won by Red Bull TV), AR (Woorld), VR (Virtual Virtual Reality), and Android Wear (Runtastic).

Google launched Assistant late past year. And I returned mine without even opening the box.

Finally, there is the news of Google integrating Assistant into GE home appliances. Launching on the iPhone could rapidly increase this figure while Google still trickles the app onto additional Android phones.

Consumers also can control iRobot through Google Assistant. And things have improved dramatically yet again.

Google also announced that it has now reached two billion users on Android and that it would be making its Google Assistant available on iPhone for the first time, challenging Apple's Siri in her own backyard, so to speak. And we see with other personal digital assistants, like Cortana, many queries are follow-ups, which continue a conversation. And if the pace of improvements Google's kept up over these first six months is any indication, what we're seeing now is nearly certainly just the start.

Support for typed queries. Google Lens turns your Smartphone's camera into a Google Search.

You can't open up Google Assistant hands-free from the lockscreen or the home screen.

Available everywhere (coming soon). "Speakers, toys, drink-mixing robots", whatever. And it gives Google a competitive advantage that's gonna be tough for Amazon to match.

The deal enables GE's "Geneva" to communicate with the Google Assistant, so users can say: "Ok Google, ask Geneva Home to set the oven timer for 10 minutes".

An interesting example of this is the new "Lens" feature for its Assistant service which will use the phone's camera to tell the user information about what's in front of their phone camera such as information about the restaurant across the street.

With a difference of 21 pounds less at the price of 129 pounds, Google Home has its place on the shelves of Currys, Maplin, PC World, John Lewis and Argos. If it has been resting on your desk, you may be talking to your Google Home instead. Although it's still limited to a handful of devices, it has been steadily growing and expanding in capabilities. Giannandrea calls it "an umbrella brand" that shows off Google's work in hopes of inspiring others to build upon it. It will even link your mobile number to your smartphone so calls are identified correctly. This other device also comes with a voice assistant and it can complete most of the same services. They plan to add more products later on.

How do you download Android O beta?

Google Photos also added facial recognition that will automatically share photos of say a recent trip you made with friends or family who appeared in the photos.

Calls to the United States and Canada are free.