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Will George tell the Pacers he won't be staying, and thus force a trade now? Now with the financial landscape a little clearer for the four-time All-Star, it seems the path is paved for him to head to La La Land. While an National Basketball Association deal wouldn't be as big player-wise, you never know who the Pacers could have chosen in those four selections if the deal had been made. Or will he let next season play out?

Win or lose, the Cleveland Cavaliers will need to implement a roster build up offseason and specifically hunt for a big man to help the team rule the paint and secure the boards. The significance behind this report is that the Lakers have been linked to various rumors as a suitor for a trade involving George ahead of this year's draft. Between the two additions, Deng and Mozgov averaged 7.5 points per game last season.

Perhaps as significant a story as who made the team was who did not.

He could theoretically make an All-NBA team next year, and the Pacers would be able to offer him a super-max deal as he enters free agency, increasing their odds to keep him.

George received 40 points, the fifth most among players who didn't make an All-NBA team.

Hayward is more complicated. "That's why you hire an agent, to deal with this type of stuff". Especially because James Harden and Russell Westbrook are the frontrunners for the MVP, thus forcing Steph Curry out of the guard position.

All-NBA balloting is done by 100 members of the NBA media.

As for the forwards, the same can be said about Durant vs. Leonard vs. LeBron. "It's kind of hard to put guys on the first, second, third teams". In July, the Pacers can offer him a contract extension that starts in 2018-19 (eliminating the player option year). Just grateful to be a part of the list.

The Heat have players other teams would desire like Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic, Justise Winslow, Josh Richardson and Tyler Johnson, some more so than others.

"You trade this pick, because he can not help the Celtics get over the top", Pierce said. Essentially, now 2 players per team if meeting a certain criteria, and still on the team that drafted them, are eligible for massive 5-year contract extensions. All other NBA awards will be awarded at the first-ever NBA Awards Show on June 26 in NY.