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And nothing can even close to this kind of bond.Urvashi says, "Mothers are truly great who can do anything for you".

Our mothers do so much for us, being a mother is a full-time demanding job, there is no way of paying them back and only one day to make them feel special is just not enough. Try to make this wonderful occasion even more happening and mesmerizing for your mother by sending these Happy Mother's Day 2017 Wallpapers Free Download collection to her.

Many Philosophers are of the view that Mother is the first school for the child and it is quite true as she is the teacher and guide for us. Thank you, Greeks and Romans, Ann and Anna Jarvis, the Wanamakers and Woodrow Wilson for recognizing the sacrifices mothers make for their children. And that's why they ar.

You're my best friend and angel mother.

For mothers overwhelmed by the daily work of raising children: "Cast all your worries upon Christ, for he is caring for you". God has given to mothers, and to fathers, the responsibility to teach and guide our children toward him.

Their story is quite literally the story of Mother's Day. In order words, send a message to mom, one of thanks and what she means to you.

Here are five ideas if you want to show your mother you appreciate her without breaking the bank. I remember how I felt to carry the full weight of motherhood on my shoulders.

Her daughter, also named Anna, later lobbied businessmen and politicians to designate a special day to honor mothers.

How Was The First Mother's Day Observed? The United States, then declared the second Sunday of May a national holiday "as a public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country".

I know you love me, I can tell by the way that you kiss me, tight when you hug me. I know that honoring mom will be easy for many of you and more hard for others. We are lucky to live on Mother Earth!

She is the most handsome creation of God, she is the sweetest soul, I have ever known, she is one and only "my mother".

THOUGHTFUL KIDS: Kayleigh's favourite Mother's Day present was breakfast in bed created by her five-year-old. "You were all so sweet", she recalls. "I think this is the best start to Mother's Day", says Anita Yadav, Sector 56 resident.

My favorite were her pies, whether they were cherry or peach or apple.

Brainchild of Ms. Sanjana Desai, Head Business Development, Desai Brothers Ltd said, "Words can not describe the unmatched energy and sea of emotions each one of us experienced today".