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Horgan was not ready to concede defeat, however, saying that British Columbians have waited 16 years for a new government and will have to wait a bit longer until all the votes are counted.

"British Columbians sent a very strong message to all sides of the legislature". In a breakthrough for Andrew Weaver's Greens, the party won three seats, all on Vancouver Island. In Peace River South, Mike Bernier, also with the BC Liberal party was voted in.

This election is being fought on a new electoral map and 87 seats in the legislature are up for grabs, with 371 candidates vying for them. And the fact that every riding along the as-yet nonexistent LNG corridor voted Liberal shows that a majority of those who could be bothered to vote in those riding want resource extraction jobs.

The Green Party and NDP share similar ideas in some areas - such as opposition to Kinder Morgan's pipeline, raising carbon taxes, and taxing housing speculators. If she's unable to form a government, however, these options enter into play.

Traditionally, the party in power - the Liberals - get the first chance to convince the lieutenant governor that they can form government, especially if they have the largest number of seats.

"We're still waiting. We don't need to concede at this point".

That might not seem hard.

All eyes are on Andrew Weaver after Tuesday's wild election seemingly placed the balance of power with his Green Party.

As of 9 p.m. the ballrom is almost full now and cheers go up as the television incdicates a lead for Saanich North and the Islands Green Party candidate Adam Olsen draws cheers from the crowd. Neither can be expected to be keen to prop up the BC Liberals.

Horgan and Weaver each walked out to speak to their supporters at the same time, forcing CBC to cut away from Weaver's speech in order to air Horgan's.

Negative ads and attacks between the NDP and the Liberals over political fundraising laws that place no limits on corporate and union donations have also been a prime part of the political debate.

The New Democrats climbed from 35 seats to 41 seats, making for a tie between the two major parties.

In Weaver's case, that could also mean supporting the NDP to achieve his goals.

Those collaborations include a ban of restaurants and bars forcing employees to wear high heels and creating sexual assault policies at British Columbia's post-secondary institutions. The Liberals won a new riding in Skeena, where Liberal candidate Ellis Ross is a former Haisla First Nation chief who supports liquefied natural gas development. Or he can stay out of her government and instead simply agree to support the Liberals.

"The NDP would have done worse in this election if it were not for the Green vote", said Harrison.

That happened even though Clark spent $15 million in taxpayer dollars on partisan government advertising wrongly promoting the B.C. Liberals and having the most heavily corporately funded political party in Canada, raising over $12 million in 2016. Practically, those are essential for the party's future.

He suggested he saw no reasons why a minority government "can't last a full term" of four years.

Of course, all this could change. The less good news is that with recounts, absentee ballots, and negotiations between the parties, it could be weeks before we know for sure. Recounts will nearly certainly be held in key ridings.