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She didn't appear to mind when, before Nick Viall dumped her on The Bachelor, she had to endure his feeble joke - "I might be white, but I'm still a minority".

"I like to go through old photos from when I was a kid", Fred told Lindsay as he flipped through an old yearbook, showing off his third-grade photo - and her eighth-grade one a few pages back!

Why is Rachel the right choice to be the Bachelorette? .

In its previous seasons, "The Bachelorette" marketed only one thing: true love. She struck a chord with everybody. "You can say you're engaged.'" What are your thoughts on the latest Bachelorette 2017 spoilers?

Chicagoan Michael Anthony Black Jr. introduced himself to "The Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay by offering her a brownie on a plate. At the same time, she says that the guy she chooses is not someone that viewers would expect in the beginning. She gushed about him on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and talked about how rare it is for the show to reveal she is engaged before the season began. You will really get to see that in full force.

A whopping 31 men arrived at Bachelor Mansion for night one, and everyone in the house noticed the spike in the testosterone levels.

If Lindsay's face didn't make it clear, her words sure did. Her options aren't exactly the stuff usually found on a lawyer's Pinterest wedding board. Or, as she puts it, "sassy yet classy". But not all of her suitors have a good intention at heart. She loves it. Ah, that Rachel. I hated that. It's just logistics and because of the calendar and the way The Bachelor falls, it runs right up to The Bachelorette.

Before Rachel actually met the guys, however, she got advice from some of her former competitors and possible future bridesmaids - Whitney, Astrid, Raven, Jasmine, Katrina, and of course Corinne - and DeMario's intentions were instantly questioned by Whitney. "I don't think they're going to last", Lewis added.

Lindsay's season also features the most diverse backgrounds in franchise history. "I'm looking for somebody who makes me feel something that none pf the other guys do". And it never gets old for me, and it never gets old for the producers. "I hope he is as excited to receive the rose as I was".

First impression: I have a hard time believing his definition of getting into "trouble" means finding a long-lasting monogamous relationship. He's cute, he speaks Spanish, and he's already knocked her off her feet - what's not to love?!