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Stunning 32-year-old Rachel Lindsay first appeared on the ABC franchise as a woman vying for the affections of a white man on parent show The Bachelor when a male lead dates women concurrently in the hope of finding a "soul mate". Honestly, night one when she walks in the room and just smiles, everyone just lights up. She is so kind, really.

Next up came the videos showcasing some of the suitors.

When 30-year-old fireman Bryce Powers, a contestant on The Bachelorette, answered a question about his biggest date fear, he sparked a firestorm by responding: "The chick is actually a dude". There's also Blake E. Then there was Josiah, a 28-year-old prosecutor, who told an terrible story about having to cut his brother down from a tree after he committed suicide.

As for Corinne, she tells Rachel to let her feelings either be like "yep" or "nope" when it comes to men, so thank goodness she showed up tonight.

We use the term "best" loosely.

Those opinions, however, do not determine the last man standing for Rachel.

It's a great move for ABC, the producers of the show, and possibly television in general - but whether or not it's good for Rachel is another issue altogether.

But despite the fun and games, Lindsay made it very clear that she is on a mission - to find her husband. Honestly, the guy seems pretty cool.

Nothing was as painful as Lucas' entrance, however.

As the evening wears on, guys get aggressive, Mo gets drunk, and Whaboom acts like an idiot.

Lindsay has already spoken of her victor in glowing terms, of course. In The Bachelor Season 17, she used all her attention-grabbing tricks to get Sean Lowe's attention.

Rachel was also struck by DeMario, however.

As for giving the game away about her engagement, Rachel said: 'I'm so happy and I just couldn't keep it in, so they [the producers] were like, "OK, you can announce it". "And see if there's some sincerity there".

"It's very cute, right?"

In addition, Blasting News reports that Rachel will get a huge surprise when a man she has a shared past with pops out of a limo and into the race for her heart!

"I know you have a thing for penguins". "There was something there". The show has received many criticisms, including viewers who thought that it was blasphemous to "sell" and publicize true love.

Rodriguez was the first local contestant to get a rose at the first rose ceremony. "I'm going to be a whole other level of giddy when I can tell the world who it is".

That means she said goodbye to Rob, Kyle, Blake K. "I'm obviously nervous and excited to take on this opportunity but I don't feel added pressure being the first black Bachelorette, because to me I'm just a black woman trying to find love", Rachel told People magazine.

Meanwhile, Lucas' bio remains untouched (as of Monday, premiere day - and he's supposed to make a ~big splash~ on the premiere tonight, according to host Chris Harrison).