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The lifeguards here are like crimefighters, trying to get to bottom of a drug ring headed up by a villainous woman played by Priyanka Chopra. "It is technically a comedic farce based on a dramatic television series, yet it is shockingly unfunny and hopelessly bland".

Baywatch is scheduled for a June 2 release. For example, early in the movie, Ronnie, aroused by CJ, gets an erection. Priyanka Chopra excitedly told ET.

Steve Rose from The Guardian: It was all about the fantasy American lifestyle of sun, sea and semi-naked flesh jiggling along beaches in slow-mo.

Perhaps it's the filmic stylings of Dwayne Johnson, who was missing from Monday night's screening.

This year there are three places for the taking rather than one, and one of the potentials is the arrogant, selfish and stupid two-time Olympic gold medallist Matt "The Vomit Comet" Brody (Zac Efron), who wastes no time in irritating and exasperating Mitch and his team. At the Good Morning America show, Priyanka said that in her lifetime she would love to see women playing iconic characters like female James Bond. Many assumed that the film will come out scissored. Even if your eyes are frantically searching for something substantial.

Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson) takes his job as the head of Baywatch - a team of lifeguards who go above and beyond to protect and serve the beachgoers of Los Angeles - incredibly seriously. The problem is, the world has changed a lot since those days when Yasmine Bleeth and Pamela Anderson used to run in slow-motion for minutes on end across the sand. and so have audience's expectations, too. As I said before, the goal of this film was to capture the same magic that 21 Jump Street did, and in that regard, I think Baywatch succeeded. What good are you, Chris?

But, one thing to be noted is that majority of the critics have felt that Priyanka Chopra has been underused in the film.

The New York Post's Reed Tucker, agrees, saying that despite "a few amusing stabs at satire" the filmmakers "use the beachy setup as little more than a vehicle for generic hard-R and gross-out gags". They are there to be attractive, reward the heroes at the end, and nothing more. The raunchy humor extends to gay panic gags strangely similar to the ones found in the recent, similarly misbegotten CHIPS; Baywatch strains for a vulgarity that never comes remotely close to being amusing. "Some days-like, most days-you knew you had bathing suit scenes coming up, but you were too exhausted to go to the gym, or you had a craving for something that you know you shouldn't eat".