In both the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinians held angry protests against the United States president's visit.

Trump tied the attack in to his talks with Middle East leaders on his trip overseas. NPR's Daniel Estrin reports from Jerusalem.

But people familiar with Trump's trip said officials might offer a subtler gesture to recognize Israel's strong feelings about Jerusalem being the country's eternal capital.

"Words fail to capture the experience", Trump said of the moment on Monday. It also urges a "just settlement" of the Palestinian refugee problem. Netanyahu highlighted the change. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to force his cabinet ministers to attend.

Trump reiterated the US stance against Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

The US president also expressed optimism that peace could be achieved between Israelis and Palestinians, while acknowledging the challenge of achieving such a deal. I've heard it's one of the toughest deals of all.

"We have something very much in common", Trump said.

ESTRIN: Trump visited religious sites in Jerusalem's old city, becoming the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall revered by Jews. US officials declined a request for Netanyahu to accompany Trump at the Western Wall.

The last talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, led by former USA secretary of state John Kerry, broke down in April 2014 after around a year of largely fruitless discussion.

He then went on to chastise the media for reporting otherwise - even though media outlets did not report that he had said that during his meeting with the Russians. If I would have said that not only would it be Trump but this Israel-adoring business mogul - who has even donated to a settlement - would have arrived amid U.S. -Israel controversy the likes of which Obama never saw, I would have seemed insane. From there Mr Trump was whisked by helicopter to Jerusalem to start a 28-hour visit heavy on symbolism and littered with political minefields.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan informed Trump of a possible attack in Tel Aviv that transpired while the president was airborne. This is the restaurant owner, Manuel Ozel. "I think you're going to see something happen". And we also gave them an ability to continue with terror. Yet the USA has not recognized Israel's sovereignty over the area, even as Israel gears up to recognize the 50-year anniversary of the "reunification" of Jerusalem this week. Stop talking. Either do, or don't talk. Abbas's Fatah party is at sharp odds with the Islamist group Hamas, which is in power in Gaza, leaving no unified Palestinian position on peace.

Trump has said he wants to broker a deal that has proven elusive for the past two decades.

HEYAM SALAMEH: When there is a will, there is a way. Barack Obama visited in 2008, but it was during the campaign, before he became president.

"I call upon people to draw inspiration from this ancient city to set aside our sectarian differences to overcome oppression and hatred", he said.

SALAMEH: Bill Clinton came.

Donald Trump and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas review the honor guard during a reception ceremony at the presidential headquarters in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, May 23, 2017. "Benjamin Netanyahu wants peace".