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-The Senate Judiciary B Committee advanced legislation to increase the fees parolees pay to underwrite the recruiting and retention of adult probation and parole officers.

The result is an ongoing stalemate on tax policy that has become the defining feature of Kansas' 2017 session.

"If we can't do the real thing, we'd have to do the next best thing", Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said of short-term legislation. Rucker was an early sponsor of the bill but withdrew her sponsorship during the regular session. "2178, from $450 million to $600 million", Johnson told Bloomberg BNA.

"We feel that this particular solution. gets us close to that and gets us away from much more prescriptive language that would prevent districts from making different accommodations for kids", he said. In 2011, the Texas Senate voted to expand the board's veto power over classroom electronic materials.

Armstead said there have been no formal negotiations between House Republicans and legislators the Democratic Party.

Included in the Senate/Justice bill is a substantial tax increase, coming primarily from increasing the sales tax by almost a point.

On Tuesday, Justice also broadened his call for the special session and presented six additional pieces of legislation for lawmakers to consider.

Texas is the most-populous Republican controlled state.

Some of that revenue would be made up with the sales tax hike and elimination of various sales tax exemptions, which, when fully implemented would raise about $354 million a year in new revenue.

A new feature of S.B. But the council is urging lawmakers to move beyond that and embrace the accountability measures connected to the tax increase. Large enough that changes made for the state can affect what's taught nationwide, though modern, electronic classroom materials have made it easier to tailor lessons to individual states and school districts — thus diluting Texas' national influence some in recent years.

The Lt. Governor said in a statement that the House members who voted against HB 21 as amended in part, quote, "ignored the needs of disabled children to take a stand against school choice". And the bill doesn't completely cover the expected deficit, so some cuts would still be needed to balance the budget.

But many trans people and the parents of trans children said the proposed law unfairly targets a vulnerable population.

Morrell's bill goes to the full House.

During the debate on the House floor, Republicans insisted that the bill does not intend to target transgender students, but Democrats compared the proposal to Jim Crow-era policies that segregated bathrooms based on race.

On Monday, the House gave the measure final approval in a 94-51 vote, sending the bill back to the Senate, The Texas Tribune reported. Patrick and House Speaker Joe Straus would have to appoint representatives from both chambers to try to reach a compromise on the controversial issue that has put the two presiding officers at odds throughout the legislative session. "There was a lot of political capital spent tonight for a bill that was doomed from the beginning".

"We'll use that sort of as a backdrop against which to plan some of our Senate options", said No. 3 Senate GOP leader John Thune of South Dakota. "I am not sure how it makes sense to choose nothing over something when you know the need is so great".

It would cut West Virginia's lowest income tax rate from 3 percent for those earning less than $10,000 down to 2.25 percent for incomes below $20,000.