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Rouhani, a political moderate (at least by Iranian standards) who negotiated a landmark nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers during his first term, was the favorite candidate of both young Iranians hoping for change and worldwide investors looking for stability.

Iranians took to the polls and overwhelmingly voted to re-elect incumbent and so-called moderate Hassan Rouhani in last week's presidential election.

Asked about the possibility of direct talks with the U.S. over the mutual issues, the Iranian President said that "we are waiting for the United States new administration to settle, so that we could have accurate view about the ruling group in Washington".

"We can no longer allow the nuclear agreement with Iran to dictate USA policy throughout the Middle East, and this bill is an important first step in finally holding Iran accountable for their non-nuclear destabilizing activities", Corker said in a news release. "Rouhani will do one of two things: either wait and see what Trump does, or he'll say, 'Let's move ahead.' I'd advise him to go ahead".

Rouhani also criticized a meeting U.S. President Donald Trump attended in Saudi Arabia, describing it as a "show-off" that "will not have any political and practical values".

In a jibe at the multibillion-dollar arms deals signed between Mr Trump and the Saudi government at the weekend, he said: "You can't solve terrorism just by giving your people's money to a superpower".

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani won a landslide victory in the elections by garnering over 23.4 million of votes (57%) from more than 41 million ballots cast on May 19. "We don't need their permission".

"They are exhausted from 40 years of conservatives' management style", said Soroush Farhadian, a Tehran-based political analyst who backs reformists. "We are waiting for the new USA administration to find stability and continuity in its policies", Rouhani said.

"All nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran", Trump said.

The reformist daily newspaper Shargh said reformists were also leading in other major Iranian cities like Isfahan, Kerman, Mashhad, Semnan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Zahedan. Budget cuts and oil exports had revived Iran's economy despite the US sanctions, while Japan and China continued to export products to Iran.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who was re-elected Friday, can not be counted on to "deliver, or even try to deliver" any reforms he promised during the campaign, Eli Lake, national security columnist for Bloomberg View, wrote in an analysis of the Iranian presidential election Sunday.

As the leader of Iran's Islamic revolution, the Supreme Leader controls the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-the cutting edge of the regime-which suppresses political opposition, protects the regime at home and overseas, controls Iran's ballistic missile force as well as covert nuclear efforts, and orchestrates Iran's support for terrorist groups.

Mr Trump said shared concern about Iran was driving Israel and many Arab states closer and demanded that Tehran immediately cease military and financial backing of "terrorists and militias".

"We should bring peace and stability back to the region". If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.