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Enjoy all the success before Marvel...

Supporting roles also get a lot of love in "Wonder Woman". But there's no need to worry.

More than 70 years after she first burst upon the scene in her red bustier and blue shorts, Wonder Woman is finally getting her turn in the movie spotlight, and expectations could hardly be higher.

Between now and June 5th, players will be able to unlock content based upon the feature film by taking part in the event "To End All Wars", earning gear worn by Gal Gadot's Amazon Princess in the new film. Then it flashes back to Diana as a child. We went from discussing how it might be a relatively small pop in the world of superhero films, to now banking an estimated $175M in its opening weekend. Wonder Woman was created in 1941, yet this is the character's first solo theatrical adventure. "Wonder Woman" doesn't try to show off how clever or new it is, but runs off of its own unique merits that have yet to be explored in a modern superhero film.

At Clark Kent's funeral in Smallville, Bruce reveals to Diana his plans to round up metahumans so they can stand and fight together - and as we've seen in the Justice League trailers, she ultimately agrees to help. "I wanted to learn from her". The two have some amusing moments early on - understand that she's never seen a man - such as when she asks him if he's representative of his gender.

Ambitious as the internal narrative is, it wouldn't have worked without a strong performance from its lead. I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone, so this post will be SPOILER FREE. Thankfully, that worry only lasted about 20 minutes. Here are a few reasons she should be yours too! That probably isn't Jenkins' gift, but she brings plenty to the table. Despite that, marketing for Wonder Woman had already gotten underway in the country, with at least one theater in Beirut scheduling an advance screening for Wednesday. Once Diana starts whipping around dudes with a golden rope, the film basks in some very cool visuals. It just rocked our world, and every little girl on the playground was fighting over who got to be Wonder Woman when everybody played Super Friends. "The military gave me good training for Hollywood". The sequences on Themyscira are lush, handsome and wondrous; while the war sequences feel gritty and down to Earth in a way that makes it feel like anything but a superhero film; while its final act feels like a proper superhero film of the most classic kind.

This is great news for a few reasons: one being that Wonder Woman is now under a lot of pressure to not just be good, but great, as the first solo female superhero movie we've seen in a while and coming out of DC. But, after writing this review, I've come to the conclusion it's just a damn good film. She does, however, let the overly long "Wonder Woman" drag from time to time. "They felt like an imposition on landscape, which didn't feel like something that women are jonesing to do". There is always the chance that number could fluctuate up or down in the coming days, but fans can rest easy knowing that Wonder Woman is not considered "rotten" after all.

Patty Jenkins has more than the weight of the DC Universe on her shoulders. It's genuinely amusing - rather than deadpan action quips, most of the film's laughs come from moments of humorous vulnerability or uncertainty.

Ultimately, this could hurt Lebanon more than anything else, considering how anticipated this film is.