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Following President Donald Trump's announcement on Thursday stating the USA would back out of the Paris Climate Accord, an effort to stem climate change, several of today's top athletic brands have proclaimed displeasure with the decision.

Theresa May has denied she is subservient to Donald Trump amid claims she did not protest enough about the United States leaving the Paris climate accord.

French President Emmanuel Macron was damning, saying in a late-night TV address that the USA had "turned its back on the world".

His statement about the president's decision read in part, "President Trump can turn his back on the world, but the world cannot ignore the very real threat of climate change".

He added that United States will try to negotiate a new climate deal which will be "fair" to American interests.

"Yesterday, the government of a great nation renounced its climate obligations, but a nation is not only its government", Macron said. "In any case", he responded.

We will continue to lead.

Trump raised the possibility of negotiating to re-enter the accord - or an entirely new deal - on terms that were "fair" to the US.

"Everyone is impacted and if we do nothing our children will know a world of migrations, of wars of shortage, a risky world, it is not the future we want for ourselves, it is not the future we want for our children, it is not the future we want for our world". "Nothing would be able to make us step backwards", said Merkel Friday morning to the German press.

The US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord could add 0.3 degrees Celsius to global temperatures by the end of the century in a worst case scenario, an official from the UN World Meteorological Organization said on Friday.

Trump says he wants to renegotiate a better deal for the United States, and then would consider reentering the agreement.

Earlier today, Trump announced that the U.S. will be withdrawing from the Paris agreement because it is "unfair" the USA and "favours" India and China.

In Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that the US withdrawal won't prevent the rest of the world from pressing ahead with efforts to curb global warming.