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Polls show that a healthy Tory majority has been on the cards long enough to support May's win in the upcoming elections. In recent years opinion polls have proved woefully wrong.

Despite the dismal results for Labour among the British Jewish community, that's up from 8.5 percent in a similar poll from last month.

Support for the Conservatives now stands at 43 percent, down two percentage points from a week ago, while Labour rose two points to 37 percent.

Brexit is this generation's chance to start an exciting new chapter in our country's story.

"The alternative is that all those young Corbynistas will prove a mirage and that some polls still contain too numerous sort of young people who vote, with the end result being that the Conservatives win a large or landslide majority", he said.

The two, who did not appear on screen together, but rather in separate segments on a BBC programme called Question Time.

There were several things wrong with the Theresa May campaign which at the time of writing has shaken her close-knit campaign team and rattled May.

While British pollsters all predict Ms May will win the most seats in Thursday's election, they have given an array of different numbers for how big her win will be, ranging from a landslide to a much more slender win without a majority.

"We've set it out in the manifesto". The truth is that the presidential-style campaign does not suit Theresa May. Their campaign slogan was strong and stable leadership.

That is at the heart of my Conservative manifesto.

Jeremy Corbyn has challenged Theresa May to spell out the impact of her "dementia tax" social care policy in the final days of the General Election campaign.

She then faced questions from NHS nurse Victoria Davey who appeared to leave Mrs May faltering for an answer after confronting her over the 1% pay increase received by NHS staff.

She said taxpayers should not have to subsidise the social care of elderly people who have a "very significant value" property.

The Labour leader - who has vowed to raise income tax for those earning over £80,000 a year and restore the corporation tax rate to 26% - was taken to task by a small business owner with five employees who pointed out that the Conservatives were offering him a rate of just 17% in business tax which would help his firm grow.

May later softened the proposal by saying there would be a limit on the amount that people would have to pay.

"If they win, I won't be happy that he's prime minister but I'll be happy that Labour got in".

Mr Corbyn said: "When Labour talks about job creation, we mean decent jobs, jobs which pay a real living wage, which people can get by on and which give people a sense of pride and goal".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, second from right, speaking with guests during a National Holocaust Memorial Day event at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, Jan. 26, 2017. As one Tory minister put it: "They can have Cambridge". Some foresee, if not an outright Labor victory, then at least a hung Parliament.

Labour has said it will not enter into any coalition. He has seemed more human, honest and open than Mrs May.

"They'll get us out, either them or Ukip".

From Colombo's standpoint a return of a Conservative Government would be best.