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The new cuts are unpopular as well. Three in four Democrats trust congressional Democrats to handle the economy compared to 84 percent of Republicans who said they have faith in their party. The administration says that's okay, though, because the extra growth unleashed by the tax cuts will offset the loss in revenue. The cuts include a 26 percent reduction in research on birth defects and developmental disabilities, under conditions of a Zika epidemic in the USA territory of Puerto Rico, and a 10 percent reduction in the CDC's office of public health preparedness and response.

Give credit where it's due: President Donald Trump's first proposed federal budget is as reckless and unrealistic as he promised it would be when he was running for office. And it's where those cuts are coming from that has some lawmakers anxious.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told lawmakers on Wednesday that they should vote to increase the government's borrowing authority - and avert a disastrous economic default - before their August recess. He had previously said the deadline to act was sometime in the fall, in line with other analysts. There is a legal limit, though, on how much debt the government can issue, and this limit must be raised by Congress.

However, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney disputes any suggestion that the budget will not will take care of people in need.

President Trump's budget withholds all federal funds from Planned Parenthood and any other organization that provides abortions.

"This defense funding is vital to rebuilding, modernizing, and preparing our Armed Forces for the future so that our military remains the world's preeminent fighting force and we can continue to ensure peace through strength", the opening letter says. You can't use the growth benefits of tax cuts once to justify an optimistic baseline and then again to claim that the tax cuts do not cost revenue.

Kudlow said the budget reminds him of the Clinton administration's welfare reforms that reduced dependence on the dole.

President Donald Trump's first budget proposal is finally out, and it boldly promises to deliver a "new foundation for American greatness". Obama's budgets never assumed such strong economic growth over an extended period of time.

Mulvaney told the House Budget Committee that "receipts now are coming a little bit slower than expected". He said lawmakers should expect Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to inform them of "a change in the date" in which Congress will need to act to increase the debt limit to avert an economy-rattling default on USA obligations like bond payments.

Mnuchin had previously advised that the deadline to for Congress to act - and avert a first-ever default on US obligations - was sometime in the fall. Trump tapped several current and former members of Congress for his administration, starting with Vice-President Mike Pence, but few have any significant, long-term experience working on major legislation.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump meet Pope Francis Wednesday
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump meet Pope Francis Wednesday

The debt vote is sure to be hard for Republicans controlling Congress, most of whom voted against debt limit increases during former President Barack Obama's tenure. Mark Warner, D-Va., told Mulvaney Thursday.

Mr. Trump is projecting nearly a decade of 3 percent annual real growth, something the economy has not realized in the last 20 years. Idaho would lose funding for special education and Title I programs for high-poverty schools.

Also on the block are student loan subsidies, highway money for the states and a crop insurance program. The government could spend more on R&D itself and set up innovation prizes to try to get the private sector to do the same, but there's no guarantee that these would generate the kind of breakthroughs we had in the 1990s to speed up the economy.

The presidential budget now out cuts some of America's most important programs for disadvantaged families.

At a House hearing Wednesday, Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro told Perdue that the budget turns the nation's back on the hungry.

Lowey said she anxious that Kelly didn't fully understand how important that money is to local jurisdictions, including New York City.

"The Trump budget assumes hundreds of billions more in Medicaid cuts than the House bill", said Edwin Park, a health policy expert with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which advocates for low-income people.

Lucy Melcher of the anti-hunger group Share Our Strength says some people aren't able to find work in their areas and have no access to job training.

White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney has said that plans to slash social programmes are created to increase economic growth to 3% and put "taxpayers first".

"It's not unreasonable to ask if there are folks on Snap who should not be, because we should have seen that number go down", Mr Mulvaney said. The proposal also includes big cuts in Social Security's disability program. Specifically, GOPers have already made clear that they have zero appetite for pursuing the spending cuts and program terminations recommended in the administration's budget proposal. Even though the proposal acknowledges the approximately 20 percent excess capacity spread across the military departments - that, if eliminated, could save $2 billion over 10 years - it fails to tackle the $125 billion of waste in the Pentagon that the president decried on the campaign trail.