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After his NBA Finals failure five years ago against James and the Heat, Durant vowed to become a legitimate, respected defender who could make almost as much of an impact blocking shots and crashing the boards. Let's face it, as good as LeBron James is, he's getting older with a ton of mileage on his body. You know, the ones where the refs had no power to stop a bloody mess.

Where is it being played? After they arrived in Cleveland ahead of Game 3, which begins at 6 p.m. today and airs on ABC, two-time MVP Stephen Curry reminisced on bad memories. As for this series, he has that look in his eyes understanding this is why he came to Golden State. In their Christmas loss in Cleveland, they had 18 turnovers.

"Cavs must at least neutralize Curry and Durant, and if possible, they must also contain all of the players of the Warriors", added Sorrosa. We're not going to change our game because of who we're playing.

Looking back at the 2016 NBA Finals, when the Cavaliers also feel behind 0-2, there were 72 total personal fouls through the opening two games in Golden State, giving way to 50 points from the stripe in those contests.

In the 60's, it was Lakers-Celtics; in the 70's, there were a few years of SuperSonics- Bullets; in the 80's, it was back to Lakers-Celtics; 90's, we had the MJ and the Bulls dominating; then, in the 2000's we had Kobe and Shaq's Lakers; finally, in the late 2000's-early 2010's, we had/still have Lebron. "We forced them to 20 turnovers and they still beat us pretty good, so we got to be much better too". Even though they boast a 2-0 series lead over the Cavaliers, the Warriors are keeping their focus on the micro level.

"I still think there's value with Cleveland", Boyles said.

"I don't feel like I get picked on or people call sets just to try to score on me".

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James (23) drives on Golden State Warriors guard Shaun Livingston during the first half of Game 2 of basketball's NBA Finals in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, June 4, 2017. At times, he just faces physical mismatches against the Warriors. The Warriors, on the other hand, had six players reach double figures in Game 2. "We understand that", Irving said.

Understandably, much spotlight is on their off-court relationship. If those guys can't get it going, then the Cavaliers might be doomed before the game starters.

"We definitely have a sense of what they're capable of, and we felt like a lot of times tonight we played better basketball", Love said. We've been here. The guys that were here a year ago understand it's the hardest thing to do is to try to close out a series and we've got two more games to go.

If Irving shakes free of Thompson, there's a real chance that Durant and his 7-foot-5 wingspan will be waiting, if not Draymond Green or a sneaky pick attempt from Curry, who's cheating off a cold-shooting J.R. Smith.

Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are three of the NBA's four best shooters. It might not be competitive, but I'm sure we can find something to make the rest of this series - whether two games or more - entertaining for everyone.

"Defensively, (Irving) has to do a lot more", Lue said. The four-time scoring champion has changed these Finals with his Dikembe Mutombo act, blocking five shots in Game 2 and playing stellar interior defense.

Or as Zaza Pachulia, channeling his inner Yogi Berra, put it: "We're not thinking we are very close even though we are". We're not at each other's house every day.