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The new iOS 11 update will be available as a free update for supported iPhones and iPads in about September.

Images captured from an iPhone can be looped impeccably due to its computer vision integrated with its camera; hence, making Boomerang animation more sensible.

USA Today reports that when the feature is turned on, your iPhone can detect when you are driving and will automatically mute all notifications; so amid a flurry of texts, posts or tweets, your screen remains dark.

Other hardware announced included a new iMac Pro that will be released in December, and substantial updates to the iPad, laptop and desktop ranges. It must be added that nearly all these devices have received substantial upgrades in terms of hardware and functional features. It allows developers to ask for ratings within their apps using the standard Apple-approved review prompt message, rather than being redirected to the App Store like the old system. Furthermore, the feature will be launched along with the iOS 11 update in the Fall.

Particularly on iPad, the Files app could be perceived as bringing a bit of a Mac feel to Apple's handheld device while also addressing the needs of power users who have been calling out for such functionality. Siri will also be able to do translation: just ask for a phrase to be translated into Chinese, Spanish, French, German or Italian and Siri will write it and say it for you. In addition to a voice that sounds more natural, machine learning lets Siri learn about you to anticipate what you want and when.

It is up to the driver to use their phone responsibly while driving, but the new iPhone feature is meant to act as a motivator in reducing fatalities. A similar feature already exists on Google Android phones.

On the software front, Apple announced the details of two operating system updates - iOS 11 and MacOS High Sierra, as well as changes to the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.

The interface looks astonishingly similar to that of Apple News.

Apple is developing a new augmented reality tool called ARKit that will allow for a more "immersive" AR experience.

Popular apps will be downloaded more; however, newer ones will be hard to find after this. Apple revealed Monday that it now has 27 million Apple Music subscribers.