The new operating system for Apple's in-house devices comes with a redesigned App Drawer, as well as message syncing across devices and Apple Pay, a new way to pay your friends or collaborators directly via message.

iOS 11 includes a dock, just like on MacOS, that is always there (unless you swipe to hide it) as you multitasking between apps. With iOS 11, you can now have the whole keyboard move closer to your thumb by pressing and holding the emoji icon. Now you can focus on the road with iOS 11's new feature.

Apple isn't just a company, it is a community.

The new iPads feature an A10X chip that is set to provide a 30% performance boost over the outgoing iPad Pros. But this new option to control the use of location more granularly will roll out to all eligible iPhone owners when iOS 11 hits general release in September. Favorite contacts can then be sent a standard auto-reply alerting them that the user is now driving. Navigation has added speed limits and lane guidance for easier driving. While there are a bunch of new features some will get excited about, there is one that many will not like so much and that's lost support for 32-bit devices and apps.

"By blending digital objects and information with the environment around you, ARKit takes apps beyond the screen, freeing them to interact with the real world in entirely new ways", according to Apple. This feature is a part of the Messages app.

NOTE: Apple itself strongly recommends installing on a secondary system or device.

Apple added a few new features to Apple Music at its annual developer conference this year, but unless you have an Apple Watch, you won't see them.

But while you obviously still can't pair an iPhone with a Smart Keyboard or Pencil, the Files app and (partial) Drag and Drop functionality should be available soon in the palm of your hand. You will find HEIC and HEVC under the High Efficiency Format.

An RAC study from 2016 found that there had been a rise in the number of teenage motorists who admit making calls and sending texts while driving. Apple demoed a 3D video on a table that showed a battle with flying ships, exploding buildings and more, all while looked at through an iPad.