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Here we pit the three devices against each other in all the key categories.

Apple introduced a new unit last week that competes in the same space, though the company is quick to highlight that they see it more as competition with higher end audio systems like the Sonos multi-room music system.

There are also seven "beam-forming tweeters" - read as speakers - each with their own amplifier, running around the entire circumference of the HomePod.

Amazon and Google are early movers in this market. The HomePod, which Apple says will offer high-end sound, will be powered by Siri, the company's virtual assistant, and work with third-party apps and smart home components when it's released in December.

What is a smart speaker? In March, Alexa made the jump to the iOS Amazon app, facilitating interoperability with the iPhone, Wired reported at the time.

Apple can't do home control quite like Amazon or Google if it never supports third-party platforms.

As for Apple's narrative that the HomePod is a smart speaker first and a digital assistant second, it's playing catch-up to more established speaker companies that have had time to build out a more mature lineup of hardware.

The sound distribution is noticeably impressive - audio flies out in all directions and fills the room no matter where you stand or sit in relation to it. But multiple factors, including internal reshuffles and talent departures, an apparent lack of vision clarity, but also the success of the iPhone and the increased focus on user privacy are factors that "helped" Apple fall behind with Siri. The number of skills it has, but just how many of them are actually useful is another matter. Ask for sports information, and you'll get game scores. We doubt that folks at Amazon are too concerned about Siri taking over Alexa in the home assistant department in the foreseeable future.

If you're streaming music to a speaker, you'll want to know about the compatible services. It will work seamlessly with Apple Music and the tech giant's HomeKit. It is safe to say that HomePod is a modified and upgraded version of the iPod, which was mostly marketed to cater to the demand for portable music devices.

The UAE will have to wait for at least seven months, since the HomePod will start shipping in December initially to Australia, the United Kingdom and the US.

Meanwhile, RBC Capital Markets turned its attention to Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 launch this fall.

If a government agency requests data from Google or Amazon from a voice assistant, they can point to accounts associated with the user.

For Amazon Echo and Sonos users, the HomePod has the capabilities (and enhanced security features) to replace both. But, while the HomePod may be able to do both of those things, Apple's speaker is shaping up to be a jack-of-all-trades compromise that ultimately is a master of none. As ever, everything we're going to tell you about is sleek, snazzy and a little bit sexy (don't judge us.).

With so many low-cost Bluetooth speakers already on the market, I think Apple might have a hard time carving out a niche. Google followed in 2016 with Google Home, and Microsoft is now working with Harman Kardon on the Invoke smart speaker, which uses voice-assistant Cortana.