The iPhone 5S and the newer devices will receive the update, said Apple.

The iPhone 8 will feature a Touch ID sensor built into the display, at least if a new leaked case render is to be believed. And note that if you back up your data on iOS 11 beta 1, you won't be able to restore that data once you downgrade to iOS 10. These new voices will be able to translate from English to a variety of languages, including Mandarin and Spanish.

And if you release a major new version that drastically changes the core features of your app, you can press the big button to reset the App Store ratings. Download any updates and see if iOS still flags up the app's compatibility.

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is the tech used to make payments on your phone via Apple Pay and to check in using virtual boarding passes at the airport.

The feature may have the clunky name of "Do Not Disturb While Driving" (DNDWD for short-ish), but it's an elegant solution to a growing problem that involves drivers using their phone while driving.

Do Not Disturb works like this: When the iPhone sense the auto is moving, or if it's connected to the vehicle via cable or Bluetooth, the phone automatically blocks notifications from arriving. The new feature is called "Smart Invert" and is, effectively, a dark mode for users who prefer to use darker UI on their smartphones. Favorite contacts can then be sent a standard auto-reply alerting them that the user is now driving.

The new one-hand on-screen keyboard makes it easier for iPhone 7 Plus and iPad users to type on.

iOS 11 ditches the five-dot signal indicator, switching to a more traditional series of increasingly larger bars. In other words, the current MacBook and iMac upgrades and the forthcoming iMac Pro update sends a clear message that Apple not only has exciting new hardware today, but even more exciting and powerful hardware coming down the pipeline. Interestingly enough, Apple has fixed an oversight by Microsoft, allowing users to simply share access on a per-person basis rather than blanket share to everyone on their contact list automatically.