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MALCOLM BRABANT: For now, May needs a coalition partner to form a governing majority in Parliament, most likely Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party.

But her tone was sombre and downbeat - a clear sign that she was chastened by the election's outcome, and by her party's steep slide in popularity over the past two months.

It also fell against other major currencies, including the United States dollar by 1.85% to 1.2716, the euro by 1.56% to 1.1371, and the yuan by 1.78% to 8.6459. But Johnson said he backed May.

She lost her Commons majority after her decision to call a snap general election backfired, but hopes to receive support from the 10 DUP MPs.

Gavin Barwell was named new chief of staff.

"A failed campaign leaves Theresa May humbled and her party reeling", its editorial said.

She launched the two-year countdown to Britain's exit from the European Union on March 29 before announcing snap elections less than three weeks later, causing precious haggling time to be lost.

Trump offered his warm support to May over the just- concluded parliamentary election, it said.

"Let's get cracking for global Britain".

"Whoever it is, they are going to have to make deals with other political parties, and nearly every other political party that has an MP in the new parliament wants a softer version of Brexit", says French.

A deal between the government and the DUP could also unsettle the precarious balance between Northern Ireland's British loyalist and Irish nationalist parties.

Voters may have also been unimpressed with her refrain that "no deal is better than a bad deal" because it raised the prospect of crashing out of the EU.

While Labour endorsed in its manifesto a break with Europe and even leaving the Single Market, a position it adopted to help cut immigration numbers, the party's leaders left considerable wiggle room and talked about renegotiating the rules of Single Market membership to allow some curtailing of Europeans migrating to Britain.

Corbyn opposed Brexit, but predicated his campaign on May's leadership and his support of social spending, among other domestic concerns. The election result means businesses still have no idea what trading rules they can expect in the coming years.

The Czech prime minister said Friday that Britain should not be granted any extension on the two-year deadline for the Brexit talks.

The pound on Friday fell 1.7 percent against the US dollar and 1.4 percent against the euro.

If she remains prime minister - if her famously regicidal party doesn't defenestrate her immediately - her majority will be neither strong nor stable, particularly because her party is riven by divisions over Brexit, too.

May confirmed Friday that senior ministers would remain in their posts, despite rumours that she had been ready to sack finance minister Philip Hammond following a clash over her Brexit strategy.

She said Brexit talks would begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day as the formal reopening of parliament.

Downing St. said the Cabinet will discuss the agreement on Monday.

"The mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence", he said.

The results confounded those who said the opposition Labour Party's left-wing leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was electorally toxic.

"She's staying, for now", one Conservative Party source told Reuters.

He told the Sunday Mirror: 'I can still be Prime Minister.

Chris Leslie labelled it an "okay result" after Jeremy Corbyn's party secured a higher-than-expected 262 seats and significantly boosted its vote share.

"May stares into the abyss", said The Times' Saturday edition while the Daily Mail led with "Tories Turn On Theresa".

"We do need a prime minister at this moment". The Conservatives sought, as they have done this time, a "who governs Britain?" mandate.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she assumed Britain still wanted to leave the European Union and talks should start quickly.