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We finally got to see the gameplay reveal for BioWare's highly anticipated rival to Bungie's Destiny.

For all of IGN's Microsoft E3 coverage and much more, visit IGN's E3 2017 event hub. They are fully customisable to the player's liking and can do some cool things, as you can see in the video below.

After divisive releases in Dragon Age: Inquisition and the recent Mass Effect: Andromeda, the studio is fighting an uphill battle of relevance to remain as gaming's premier RPG developer.

This new IP is not and bares no relationship with the canceled BioWare game Shadow Realms, which Flynn has said might have been announced too early. In an earnings call in May, EA CEO Andrew Wilson described the then unnamed project as "stunning".

What kind of a world can we expect? This game has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the way people think about an action title, bringing friends together to play in exhilarating new ways.

The teaser shows a futuristic world protected by a wall. The handsome scenery of vast mountains and lush forests makes us hope that we will be able to explore to some degree.

More seriously, it certainly looks good, especially as you have to dodge your way through superstorms and high-powered monsters to get at your objectives.

As mentioned before, Javelins can be customized to a player's preference. The publisher also demonstrated how the Battlefront 2's multiplayer will look, playing one of the maps available to players. This in turn also spells out looting mechanics as well as raids conducted by forming parties. But today, Microsoft gave us a look at the game in 4K, and gave us a ton of time with it.