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Now in beta, this release has many useful features to make your device more productive.

At this point in time, we only have our hands on the first developer beta of iOS 11.

The iPad is also much lighter (470g), you don't need to travel with a heavy charger, can record 4K video and works better with your iPhone (you can use the same apps).

The new app has 5 tabs: Today, Games, and Apps are the three new tabs for discovery in the redesign and the place where you'll find Apple's curated lists and editorial content. But this is going to change. On iOS 11, the page is customisable. Apple is leaning into artificial intelligence (AI) with improved machine learning and on-device learning aimed at making Siri more predictive and proactive. Apple's tweaks and additions to the iOS 11 operating system that will be running the phone give clues on how the device will turn out. You'll finally be able to trim Live Photos, as well as apply some other effects.

Phil Schiller, Apple's marketing chief, announced a redesigned App Store, getting huge applause from the developers in the crowd.

So what is the difference between Offloading apps in iOS 11 and deleting app in iOS 10? Drivers using the app for directions will be able to see the route but won't be able to interact with the phone or update the journey while they're moving. You'll also have an option of sending an auto-reply. There would also be a new "Friends Are Listening To" section, which is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. For that, the stored credit/debit cards will be used.

With iOS 11, Apple will streamline Control Center and put all the options on a single screen.

This week's WWDC keynote showed off an Apple Watch syncing data with gym equipment to demonstrate some of the new features coming in WatchOS 4.

When Apple released iOS 10.1 in October 2016, users trying to open a 32-bit app on an updated device would receive a warning message telling them that it may slow down their iPhone. While the new screen tech isn't OLED quite yet, as the iPhone 8 is supposed to come with, it does offer the most advanced type of LCD that is now available in the factory circuit. The interesting thing is that iOS 11 sports a feature that will allow users to easily share Wi-Fi passwords. Simply tap the "Send Password" button, and the other device will autofill the password and connect. The new feature is called "Smart Invert" and is, effectively, a dark mode for users who prefer to use darker UI on their smartphones. Apple says that major airports will all be covered by the new Maps feature, great if you need quick directions to your terminal.

Apple Pencil is now integrated into iPad in a better way. With the Instant Markup feature, it's easy to write on a screenshot or PDF.

A couple of short videos demoing the drag and drop feature in action on the iPad reveal the many ways this tiny feature will change interaction with the iPad - it works on iPhone too, but it really shines on the iPad. So, if you're using an iOS device and you just come across any QR code, you can scan them. You can now follow your buddies and share your playlists with them.

iOS 11 will also introduce a feature that can free up storage space automatically.