KXIP vs KKR Live Score

I love using Nintendo's new console and I seriously hope it's a success for the company. This is something we haven't seen on this scale, possibly ever.

Nintendo's relationship with Ubisoft dates way, way back. In fact, it has two modes: explore mode, which has players running around various areas, and battle mode, which has players duking it out in XCOM-like RTS combat. Ubisoft is working on the project for more than 3 years. The collaboration has been kept under pretty thorough wraps, with Manzanares initially exclaiming "Finally!"

Players will need to "raise hell" to over through the cult that has overrun the area and we got a tasty look at some game play footage that you can check out below. After seeing this upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive in action, it's safe to say that Ubisoft absolutely fulfilled Miyamoto's special request.

No, really. This exists. They team up with Mario to save the Kingdom.

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Mario + Rabids Kingdom Battle hits Nintendo Switch on August 29. So for the first time, Mario will carry a weapon, said Poix. You can get a look at the game above, and check out a behind-the-scenes video about how it came together below.

"Three and a half weeks after that internal meeting, we took the opportunity to create a small prototype and present it to Nintendo. They have other priorities". If Miyamoto wanted to see something different with the Mario license, Ubisoft is certainly giving it to him.

When initially presented with the opportunity to make a Super Mario game, Ubisoft was posed with one challenge: make a Super Mario game that hasn't been made before. Dan Hay, Executive Producer of the Far Cry series and the Creative Director of Far Cry 5 at Ubisoft Montreal, then took the stage to talk a bit about the story of Far Cry 5.