The line-up included the first "Uncharted" game to feature a heroine in place of the "Nathan Drake" hero, a "God of War" sequel with a mighty father-son theme, and a pulse-pounding title starring "Spiderman" of Marvel Comics fame. While the the reception of the virtual reality games feels mixed at best, there is certainly a hint of potential in most of the five upcoming titles.

The PlayStation 4 received a 4K compatible Pro variant at the end of past year, and is firmly ensconced in first place in this generation's console war. The game already debuted past year on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Once more gameplay footage comes out, it will be somewhat easier to deduce what other potential changes are in store, and whether or not slavishly sticking to the original's content will be viable by today's standards. Presenting a hyper-realistic and cinematic experience of being the famed wall-crawling superhero himself, this new generation game is everything a Spider-Man could want delivering exhilarating combat, death-defying leaps from rooftops all while saving New York City. Like a number of Sony exclusives, it's way off, with this down for 2018 along with Spider-Man PS4, so for now you can appreciate the cinematic and gameplay action in the trailer above. Texas-based Bluepoint Games was noted as the developer behind the remaster. But one of the bigger announcements from the weekend was the mention of Cross-Play between platforms. The latter will also be coming to Xbox One on launch and PC at a later date.

The best part about this game for me is that it isn't just another video game for a movie. The new adventure game from Naughty Dog has two female protagonists, both characters who were secondary to previous Uncharted games, and The Lost Legacy looks to deliver on the promise of a solid, well-acted story. Then again, neither was Media Molecule's Dreams, Bloodborne 2 or any PS4-exclusive From Software game for that matter. That's what games like The Last of Us Remastered and even this year's Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition sold for upon release.