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On Tuesday, it was as she asked questions to Attorney General Jeff SessionsJeff SessionsDurbin on Sessions testimony: Hard to see how he could continue to serve Kamala Harris questioning cut off for second week in a row Sessions decries "innuendo" surrounding him MORE.

"Senator Harris wanted to know the concrete details of Sessions' secret policy about secrets, and that did not sit well with other members of the committee", said Colbert. When fired Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey testified, Harris managed to inject brilliant humor with her dead-serious questioning about Russian Federation and Trump's reasons for firing him: "In my experience of prosecuting cases", Harris said, "when a robber held a gun to somebody's head and said, "I hope you will give me your wallet, ' the word 'hope" was not the most operative word at that moment".

Turning to footage of Jason Miller accusing Harris of being hysterical, Colbert said "Really?"

Her dogged attempts at Tuesday's hearing into Russian-Trump connections to get Sessions to share what he knew and when he knew it once again turned a congressional session into a less than decorous brouhaha.

Sessions: Well, we talked about it.

But, Sessions argued, his participation in the Justice Department's formal recommendation to the president to fire Comey, who was leading the FBI's investigation into potential ties between the campaign and Russian Federation, did not violate his recusal.

You may even remember the first instance, as Harris's hair flip and incredulous stare quickly circulated the Internet in gif form.

"Sir, I'm not asking about the principle".

One would expect that an attorney/politician that has accomplished as much as Senator Harris would be given the same respect as her peers, but there are some variables that prevent that.

Harris was also prevented from finishing her questions to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during the June 7 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act hearingdue to an interruption from McCain and Burr, according to reporting by the LA Times.

"Senators will allow the chairs to control the hearing" Burr said to McCain. This is when Harris insisted that he answer.

"I do want you to be honest", Harris said. As my Slate colleague Christina Cauterucci noted of the Twitter reaction at the time, "two long-serving white male legislators working together to stop a new female senator of color from getting an answer to a simple question was not a good look". So, Kamala Harris, former prosecutor, district attorney in San Francisco, attorney general of California, she was pressing him. Richard Burr and John McCain essentially shushed her. Wyden (D-Oregon) also had a contentious moment with Sessions during his line of questioning. Last night on a network she was called hysterical when, of course, Ron Wyden was very aggressive.

Because, as she told the audience at the National Partnership for Women and Families gala, "When we use our voices, we've got the power". At several points, she interrupted Sessions to try and get him to answer.

Finally, Sessions snapped: "Will you let me qualify it?" ". I, I am not able to be rushed this fast", Sessions stammered.

VLADECK: It is, and I think the reason why is twofold.