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"It denies its people the most basic freedoms", Haley said.

This is not about the Cuban military, it is about politics, as evidenced by the president's decision to make this announcement in Miami, and the administration's unwillingness to make a serious strategic argument for the policy.

Under the new policy, transactions with businesses controlled by the Cuban regime will be prohibited and both tourism and business-related travel will be restricted.

Acosta continued by pointing out that "when he [Trump] says that he is completely canceling the Obama administration's policy on Cuba, that's not the case, as he acknowledged later on in his remarks".

"America should not be subsidizing the machinery of this Communist government, which has been exporting terror throughout Latin America for decades". The economic embargo will be strictly enforced, with one exception.

"By curtailing the rights of USA citizens to travel, President Trump is undercutting Americans' support for the Cuban people and Cuba's rising entrepreneurial class".

He called on the Senate to pass legislation co-sponsored by Democratic Sen. Cuban-Americans will still be able to travel to the country and send remittances. "It will end", President Weather Basketball Face (© Michael Harriot) said in Miami's Little Havana. The president is also calling for the legalization of all political parties in the communist nation and internationally supervised elections.

"Just kind of looking forward to going to Cuba before, look Trump is going to Miami, so hopefully we don't get stuck down there", said Giordano.

His three day state visit last March marked the first time a US chief executive had visited Cuba since President Calvin Coolidge attended the Pan American Conference in Havana in January, 1928.

However American citizens traveling to the island dictatorship will have to undergo a Treasury audit if they do not have a government approved reason to go to Cuba. "I think today was a good day". It is a personal one. Fidel Castro granted her asylum and she has been living under the name Assata Shakur. "Thank you, President Trump, for keeping your commitments". Perhaps that is because they are less about real policy than they are paying off a political debt to Cuban American voters whose support gave Trump a narrow victory over Hillary Clinton in the key battleground state of Florida.

It lays bare the fact that this isn't a serious human rights policy.

"With today's directive, the Administration is limiting our opportunities to improve the human rights and religious liberties of the Cuban people, not expanding them".

"Increased engagement with Cuba by US citizens, companies, and the nongovernmental sector holds extraordinary promise", Walz said. US farmers can continue selling their crops to the Cuban government.

American Airlines, a leading carrier to Cuba, says it is "reviewing" Trump's policy "to understand any potential impacts to our customers or our current service".