KXIP vs KKR Live Score

In an interview conducted by Polygon at E3 2017, Microsoft's Mike Ybarra (Corporate VP of Xbox and Windows Gaming) explained that the Xbox One X could have certainly been priced lower, but that would have compromised its target as a premium console. We will have been in the market for a year with PS4 Pro, and that thing also is selling faster than we can make them. Given that the Xbox One launched at $500 while the PS4 was priced at $400, it ended up being a total no-brainer for those on the fence. But it seems that Microsoft does not have anything concrete to justify buying One X.

We should be happy that the original Xbox games are arriving the way they are, but with small visual upgrades to take advantage of both the Xbox One and the Xbox One X when it arrives later in the year. Even after having a huge customer base, Sony struggled so hard to convince people to try PSVR.

Aesthetically, the Xbox One X isn't much to look at - it's essentially a smooth black box. And thus, the demand and enjoyment of single-player games can continue, and we won't be trapped in a future where every game has to follow Destiny's model.

Traditionally, the firm has relied on unveiling a new addition to its Halo franchise alongside the release of a brand new console.

Despite great game output, many fans still note that the hardware is lacking triple-A, first-party titles.

Xbox One X may cost you more than usual but its expensive price is due to its high technology that caters to 4K games and a small and custom size build.

Atari, the former top manufacturer of video game consoles has finally planned to jump back into the business and they have recently revealed that they are going to offer a very competing and new video game console.

"Here's how I think about it", Spencer continued.

The growth of 4K TV shipments is not so good.

Microsoft had previously dropped teasing hints about its new machine, which it had dubbed Project Scorpio. Sounds pretty bland but since it is being developed by Insomniac Games, high hopes can be held for this one.

The device can play movies on discs type Blu-ray display streamed content in the resolution 4K Ultra HD.