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Universal nevertheless has big plans for its Dark Universe, with more editions already in various stages of development.

As I took baby steps trying to "Walk- like- an- Egyptian" towards the screening with a notepad scribbled with questions, I managed to pull myself together and bury myself in the seat with my eyes fixed on the Egyptian princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). Photo Credit: Universal Pictures. Sofia Boutella in The Mummy. Crowe's role is a bit more enigmatic, even though he doesn't really play a part in the main fight against Ahmanet; in fact, he does nothing but deliver exposition (as well as, er, a hiding to Morton). Directed by Alex Kurtzman.

Glenn Kenny was also thrown off by the Jekyll character, but that's just one reason he's warning that the "Dark Universe" franchise might be a "grievously ill-advised" one.

Cruise stars as Nick Morton, a rugged excavator-type who is about 25 years too old to be acting like the impish bad boy for which the script calls. His partner, Chris Vail (Jake Johnson of New Girl fame), exists exclusively to spout out eye-rolling one-liners during action scenes.

Alongside a crew of forgettable, expandable characters, including an unconvincing love interest, Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Wallis) and a shoe-horned surprise character (played by a seemingly sleepwalking Russell Crowe), Morton must find out how to break through Ahmanet's mind games and take control of his destiny.

When a couple of wartime scavengers steal a buried treasure map in Iraq, they stumble upon the tomb of the ancient Egyptian goddess, Ahmanet.

The Mummy does have loose ends, but the action sequences are engrossing. Who did Russell Crowe eat?

DC and Warner Bros. have jumped on board with its DC Extended Universe and "Wonder Woman" marks its fourth film and the fifth is headed to theaters in November in the form of "Justice League". Nick's incongruous one-liners fall flat, and Cruise has no chemistry with Wallis, whose character never develops beyond a tool for moving the plot along. Wouldn't you know it, though-they awaken her, she's pissed and she's gonna give Set Nick's body so he can have dominion over life and death which, frankly, doesn't sound all bad to us. Cruise's performance in the film is so insane and unhinged that it brings to mind Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man remake or Vampire's Kiss.

I can still remember the Brendan Fraser version which had an all-pervasive sense of fun and adventure with some horror effects thrown in for good measure.

Because "The Mummy" marks the first step in Universal's attempt to build a new cinematic universe, it lays out a whole lot of unanswered questions.