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Democratic Party divisions were on glaring display Wednesday as a special election loss in a wildly expensive Georgia House race left bitter lawmakers turning their anger on their own leaders.

"I think you'd have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top", said Texas Democrat Rep. Filemon Vela, on the record, despite having supported Pelosi against Ryan. Republicans hammered Ossoff in Georgia with ads labeling him the "hand-picked" candidate of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"I worry sometimes that we get so obsessed and angered by Donald Trump, which is OK, but you can't hold on to it because it takes your eye off the ball", Ryan said. "But I think there would be 48 Democrats who are willing to work on some repairing or fixing", he said in May.

The more than $30 million spent by Democrats to boost Jon Ossoff's campaign wasn't enough for a win in the special election in Georgia's 6th Congressional District that went to Republican Karen Handel by a larger than anticipated margin.

Lachlan McIntosh, a South Carolina-based Democratic strategist, said the party had to confront just how unpopular its current leadership is in conservative areas.

"The Democratic Party needs new leadership now".

The unpopularity of Trump and the Republican healthcare bill - along with the historic trend that the party holding the White House loses seats in midterm elections - gives Democrats hope for capturing the House in 2018. "But, clearly, these ads using her, linking her to our candidates is still working".

"It's not about me, it's about my district".

She also noted last week's shooting of Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana and said politics has become too embittered.

Democrats who don't believe the sky is falling will gladly point out that Georgia's 6th is a district they've regularly lost by 20 points or more for years, including when then-Rep.

"I agree with Trump and I'm all for Pelosi", Bolling said.

In his speech, which lasted over an hour, Trump mocked Ossoff and the blow for Democrats, blaming the "Democratic" media for being biased against Handel.

Other Democratic leaders echoed his sentiment.

Handel's tough race, combined with closer-than-usual GOP House victories in Kansas, Montana and SC, suggests Trump will dominate the coming election cycle, forcing Republicans to make peace with him, for better or worse. And we need a message. And there are more Democrats in the United States than there are Republicans. "Democrats from coast to coast threw everything they had at this race, and Karen would not be defeated", House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement.

She benefits from a dearth of younger colleagues tagged as heirs to her leadership, and no up-and-coming Democrat can match her fundraising skills, no matter which figures are used.

"What we know is that this is going to look a lot like the House bill and it's going to mean a lot of pain for millions of Americans", Wyden told CNN "New Day" co-anchor Alisyn Camerota.

Still savoring from their victory in Georgia, Republicans were quick to thank Pelosi for helping them hold onto another congressional seat.

The renegade Democrats resurfaced again this week, after Tuesday's loss by Ossoff in a Georgia special election that received intense national coverage.

"I certainly hope the Democrats do not force Nancy P out", Trump tweeted, before adding, "That would be very bad for the Republican Party - and please let Cryin' Chuck stay!"