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Four key Senate Republicans announced their opposition just hours after the GOP's latest effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act was released.

Cassidy, who proposed health care legislation that was sidelined by Senate GOP leadership, also was non-committal in his statement about the proposal released Thursday, saying it had some positive elements.

"Those with private insurance will experience higher premiums. with lower tax credits to help working families cover the costs, even as their plans might no longer cover pregnancy, mental health care, or expensive prescriptions".

"This bill...is simply not the answer", Heller said. Johnson that more time is needed to review the legislation and make changes.

"Unfortunately Ralph Northam continues to proudly champion Obama-care, despite the indisputable facts that it has driven up premiums, caused Virginians to lose their choice in doctors, and forced major insurance carriers like Aetna out of the Virginia market".

US Senator Mike Rounds says the Better Care Reconciliation Act is more moderate than the US House health care overhaul bill. But we're not really doing that in health care.

"We want the process started now so that we can pass legislation to make sure that there are very specific parameters of how we manage this $200 million windfall", Mychajliw said. "If Medicaid goes away, I'm afraid of losing her", she said. It also eliminates penalties for people who don't buy health insurance.

"This bill that's now in front of the United States Senate is not the answer", Heller said at a news conference.

ACA: Insurers could charge older people up to 3 times more than younger people. The Congressional Budget Office has yet to weigh on the plan.

President Donald Trump tweeted his approval of the Senate plan Thursday evening.

Sandoval said he would do "everything in my power" to make sure those people can maintain the quality of life they now have. The measure also repeals the mandate on individuals to purchase health insurance. "Take a minute to think about what that means", she said.

Baldwin added seniors and those with pre-existing conditions could be faced with higher prices to pay for insurance, leaving some without coverage.

"Our analysis shows that the bill will cut more than $400 million federal dollars a year from our state Medicaid program", she said in a statement.

Sandoval, a Republican who chose to opt into expanding Medicaid, said 210,000 received health coverage because of the decision.

More than 170,000 West Virginians gained health care coverage under Medicaid expansion.

"There are families - middle-income families in SC - that in 18 months will get a call from their nursing home (saying): 'You're got to come get granny because we have no more Medicaid money, and we're not keeping her, ' " said Lynn Bailey, a Columbia-based health-care economist.