This is just a note about the Senate health care bill. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that basing tax credits on age would increase out-of-pocket costs for many low-income Americans, according to the AP.

Former President Barack Obama spoke against political divide between Democrats and Republicans and urged lawmakers to blur party lines to act in the interests of the American people.

MITCH MCCONNELL: We agreed on the need to free Americans from Obamacare's mandates so Americans are no longer forced to buy insurance they don't need or can't afford.

"These policies would prove devastating to state Medicaid programs over time, very likely causing numerous most vulnerable people to lose access to care when they need it most", the center's report said.

Nevada's Republican Senator Dean Heller said Friday he can not support the new health care bill introduced by his colleagues in Washington Thursday.

McConnell has said he wants to have a vote on the proposed legislation next week, prior to Congress' July 4 recess.

John McCain, both Republicans, said Thursday that they planned to study the Senate bill before making a decision.

Nonetheless, Heller's announcement underscores the scant margin of error Republican leaders must deal with. Under the House bill, 14 million people would lose Medicaid coverage over 10 years.

Heller said Friday that his mother, after five back surgeries, is on painkillers that she can't get off of.

The bill would cut and redesign the Medicaid program for low-income and disabled people.

Trump repeatedly promised during the election campaign to dismiss VA workers "who let our veterans down", and he cast Friday's bill signing as fulfillment of that promise. It would allow insurers to cover fewer benefits and repeal tax boosts on wealthier people that help finance the statute's expanded coverage.

The GOP-controlled Senate bill introduced Thursday would phase out federal money to states which opted to expand the low-income health insurance program. The government's share of these Medicaid costs would start to decrease in 2021, lowering from 90 percent to the regular federal share of 65 percent.

They were not ready for the argument that was obviously coming for them, the one that says, "Without Obamacare, my very sympathetic friends and I would be dead today".

Lynch said the shift in Medicaid funding - from 50-50 state and federal funding to roughly 70 percent funded by states - will be particularly devastating to states that took advantage of Obamacare's Medicaid expansion in recent years, including MA, saying: "Medicaid expansion, that'll kill MA".

Now he's facing his next challenge - persuading enough Republicans to back the measure.

Democrats were hoping to scare off as many Republican votes as possible by planning efforts around the country to criticize the measure.

Heller got an opponent for next year when first-year Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen announced this week she would seek his Senate seat. CEO Jeff Thomas said people who are able to have regular appointments with counselors and psychiatrists now will wait until they're in crisis to seek care and are likely to end up in overburdened jails, state mental hospitals or private hospitals for problems that could have been avoided with early care.

Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, oppose the current version of the bill for being too similar to Obamacare.

Underscoring the sensitivity of the bill, Sen.