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The Democrats' problem is that they are intellectually and morally bankrupt, as I argued in my 2006 book, "Bankrupt". "It's about St. Francis", Pelosi said, arguing that Republicans might treat her differently if she did not represent San Francisco.

Despite spending a record amount of money, Democrats loss a Georgia special House race that some hoped would be a referendum on President Donald Trump and bolster opposition against Republican efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. It looks like Republican Karen Handel will have defeated the "rising Democratic star" Jon Ossoff by three to five points. Karen Handel, victor of the special election in Georgia, while campaigning, made sure that she clearly showed the connection of her opponent, Democratic candidate Jon Ossof, to the House Minority Leader.

Pelosi has led House Democrats for almost 15 years, at one point as House speaker and more recently as minority leader. I'm a strategic, politically astute leader.

It wasn't the biblical rain, and it wasn't - as some said when Democrat James Thompson lost another special election in Kansas a few months ago - for any lack of help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

This is a longstanding process in both capitalist parties, where the "average" congressman, Democrat or Republican, is a millionaire, separated by a wall of privilege from the vast majority of their constituents, who are in a daily struggle to survive economically. "I happen to have a different opinion, and I think it's important for people in my position to not be afraid to speak truth to power".

On Wednesday morning's episode of "The View", Joy Behar admitted that focusing on opposing Donald Trump will continue to be a losing strategy for Democrats.

Pelosi said Republicans will always make a target of Democratic leaders, saying they did so with legendary former House Speaker Tip O'Neill and many others.

"I don't know if there is a solution in the short term", Ryan said.

"As we sit here, they're running caricatures of me in Georgia", Pelosi said. Consistently, she's been underwater on her favorability, which is to say that her negatives are bigger than her positives, so her net favorability is in minus territory.

"I'm worth the trouble, quite frankly", snapped back Pelosi to her critics.

"Nancy Pelosi was a great speaker". And they point out that even if Georgia's 6th District, which the president only narrowly carried, wasn't Trump Country, it was still a reliably red area that was going to be hard to overcome. Years later, it was Pelosi, Obama and then-top Senate Democrat Harry Reid.

The Democrats, therefore, are in jeopardy of repeating the mistakes of the Republicans in the 1990s.

In that sense, these Democratic losses are entirely consistent with the possibility of a House takeover. "So, we are paving a way for a new generation of leadership".

In fact, Democrats themselves even regurgitate Republican attack lines.

"Certainly, one thing I learned as a Marine is my job description was very simple: You're responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do", Moulton said.

She benefits from a dearth of younger colleagues tagged as heirs to her leadership, and no up-and-coming Democrat can match her fundraising skills, no matter which figures are used.

"This is not anything personal between me and Nancy Pelosi", insisted Rice". "You wanna win? You gotta move into the district!'" The overall messaging of the Democratic Party - more anti-Trump than pro-solutions - is also being criticized. Special elections like the one held this week in Georgia "are most likely to bring out "core voters" who tend to vote regularly and are less likely to be affected by changes in the cost of voting, such as those imposed by bad weather", he says.