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"I like Campbell's soup", he told the gathering. He signed proclamations that declared Monday "Made in America Day", and this week "Made in America Week".

It showed that 40 percent of US adults agreed with Mr. Trump on the issues but just 34 percent said he had presidential personality and leadership qualities. "We're going to put that brand on our products because it means it's the best".

"Ty is a preeminent white collar defense lawyer who is celebrated for his ability to give creative and strategic advice, for his tireless work ethic, and for his unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and the rule of law", Hogan Lovells CEO Stephen J. Immelt said in a statement. The event was held inside the White House and on the South Lawn, and featured domestic manufacturers showing off their wares, from Caterpillar loaders to Stetson hats and Gibson guitars.

"Omissions are as harmful as contradictions because it seems like you're hiding something", Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President George W. Bush, said of the Trump team's strategy. "It reinforces the fact we are an American company".

"My ties, many times, are made in China, not all of them, by the way, but a lot of them are made in China, because they have manipulated their currency to such a point that it's impossible for our companies to compete", he said at the time.

In business, Mr. Trump, as well as his daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka, have outsourced manufacturing of their products to countries where labor is cheaper and there are fewer regulations.

For all those saying Donald Trump would gain on-the-job political experience once he was in office, we have to admit they were right. "Despite the decision by the Trump administration to exit, Campbell will continue to take action to address climate change". The president plans to highlight his administration's economic platform and how he has been supporting USA manufacturing companies.

In matters of policy, an official also said imposing import tariffs to bolster US-made products was "on the table".

Democratic U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, Al Franken of Minnesota and Mazie Hirono of Hawaii are also calling for the White House to review and potentially revoke the security clearance of Kushner, the only one of the three with an official White House position. His pathetic approval rating appears to have created a bunker mentality, in which Trump will only talk to extremely friendly propaganda outlets like Fox News and right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson's "700 Club", where he pontificated on his latest imaginary friend, a supposed trucker who criticizes America's roads. The big question, of course, looming over this entire week, do the Trumps plan to lead by example?

On Monday, for example, shoppers at Lord & Taylor in Manhattan could purchase a white ruffled top for $69 that was made in Indonesia or a pair of blue ankle length trousers for $79 made in Vietnam.

No, I'm talking about Sean Spicer 's audio only, off-camera briefing Monday as Donald Trump sought to celebrate what his aides have dubbed "Made in America Week". One of them was Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3rd Dist.). "It's absolutely killing our shoppers and our shopping centers", he said. The company's president, Mark Gracy, said his products are less expensive than its Chinese-made competitors, and his sales have grown by double-digits in each of the past seven years.