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Most importantly, the library will provide eclipse glasses for those who wish to literally view the eclipse. On this date there will be a path of a total eclipse of the sun that stretches from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina.

In East Texas, people will not see a total eclipse. Looking up and seeing that dark disc in the sky surrounded by the ring of light produced by the sun's corona is a life-changing experience for some.

This will be the first time since 1979 that anyone in the United States will be able to see a total solar eclipse and the first time in nearly a century since a total solar eclipse crossed the entire continental area.

PAGASA said the umbral eclipse magnitude will be 25 percent and will also be visible in western Pacific Ocean, Oceania, Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and eastern most tip of South America. You can also scrub through the timeline to see what the entire event will look like!

The 70 mile-wide line in which the total eclipse will be visible cuts a swathe across the country-and right through IL. But for those not in the path of totality, the sun will only be partially blocked.

Odds are you'll be able to view this month's total solar eclipse for a couple of minutes, according to NASA.

However, you should never stare down the sun with the naked eye. It's also the first total eclipse to come transcontinental for nearly 100 years.

AAS has a list of verified brands selling eclipse-safe sunglasses, as well as event listings and educational resources.

On Aug. 21, parts of the Grand Strand will see its first total solar eclipse since 1970.

For this year's eclipse, NASA is asking everyone in the path of the eclipse to become a citizen scientist and share their observations through their GLOBE observer app.