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News of Justice's anticipated announcement broke Thursday afternoon while Ferns was on a plane to Charlotte, N.C. Ferns said after getting off the plane he turned on his cellphone to find numerous messages - but he wasn't entirely surprised about Justice's about-face, noting rumors had been swirling around Charleston for some time.

Here's what we do know about Justice: He remains a successful businessman who has a vision for the state.

Political parties, traditionally, have been a reflection of a person's values and beliefs.

It's not as though switching horses in the middle of a ride is new to West Virginia politics.

"Republican Senate must get rid of 60 vote NOW!"

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., said she is ready to work with Justice. Various studies over the years have estimated that repeal could reduce bequests anywhere from 6% to 37%.

In the Senate, where Republicans now enjoy a 52-48 advantage over the Democrats (including the two Independents who caucus with the Democrats), only eight of the 33 Senate seats up in 2018 are held by Republicans.

He said West Virginia House Democrats failed to support a tax overhaul he says would have increased the budget and helped veterans, poorer earners, seniors, teachers, miners and people struggling with addiction.

West Virginia Senate Majority Leader Ryan Ferns said it will take more than a party switch to fix the strained relationship between Gov. Jim Justice and the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Yes, Democratic lawmakers knee-jerked at last-minute budget negotiations between Justice and Senate leadership that included a Republican plan for tax reform. Then maybe they would come up with something better than they have now. There's even more commentaries about not reaching out to Trump voters (i.e. white working class voters) because they're not needed to win elections. "Like countless other West Virginians, Jim Justice came to the Republican Party on his own, and we welcome him".

Senate leaders, backed by vocal conservatives in the House, vowed at the height of the health care debate to trim the usual month-long August recess and stay until at least the middle of the month to work on pressing legislation.

Not since 1922 have Republicans had 34 governors.

As reported by The Register-Herald's Jessica Farrish, the governor is pushing deals to aid the state's coal mining and timber industries.

"It's pretty clear that the president was re-elected".

"The House was able to do it with Trump, and I really don't think it has anything to do with being loyal to Trump or not".

President Donald Trump said he wants a mulligan, but that's unlikely. Given our forested landscape, that could be a boon to West Virginia.

On Aug. 4, a Vox-Survey/SurveyMonkey poll found that Trump's support had dipped less in the 50 most competitive districts in the country while his approval rating took a hit in the remaining 385 voting districts across the nation, Vox reports. By Aug. 6, Gallup found that only 38 percent of national adults approved of Trump's job performance while 57 percent disapproved.

Indeed, it's hard to avoid believing that McCain relished the chance to defy a president who had not only derided him for being captured during the Vietnam War, but accused him of neglecting veterans.

"Across America, voters have put their faith in the Republican Party because we are the party fighting to give every individual the opportunity to achieve the American dream", McDaniel said in the release.