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The Months-long border stand-off has become the longest ever between the two Nations.

The newspaper said India had ignored China's stern warnings.

China claimed Doklam as its territory and soon there was a standoff between the Indian and Chinese troops, with both of them sending reinforcements at the border area.

By the end of the decade, the Chinese hostility had begun to recede, largely due to an unexpected development. India, which guarantees tiny Bhutan's security, quickly sent troops and equipment to halt the construction, asserting that the road - which would overlook the point where Tibet, Bhutan, and the Indian state of Sikkim meet - threatened its own security.

Chinese officials aren't prepared to wait forever, though, and envision a "limited war" being launched within the next two weeks to expel the Indian troops.

The current road from Tibet stops nearly halfway between those two points, at a mountain pass called Doka La. The annual Mansarovar pilgrimage was cancelled because of the Doklam standoff. The Chinese official media has been upping the ante asking India to withdraw troops from the area. The deployment comes in the backdrop of a two-month old military standoff between India and China in the Doklam Plateau.

"Even if the tension is there, I don't foresee any issues till the time the Government of India takes a stand that imports from China will be stopped for all the sectors".

"However, the Nehru government underestimated the determination of the Chinese government to safeguard China's territorial integrity even as the country was mired in both domestic and diplomatic woes", the article read.

China has warned New Delhi not to be drawn into a Western military alliance led by the United States and including Japan. India thus also qualifies as an "aggressor" in Chinese projections.

China, however, regards it as its own territory. Therefore, China's actions are seen as contravening the letter and spirit of the concerned agreements and provocative - creating instability.

This additional conflict prompts External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to say that diplomatic talks are the ways to the resolution of the gridlock in Doklam. War will also mean disruption of $ 71 billion (FY 2015-16) trade relations between china and India which will cause a wider economic ramification for both countries. "A solution can not be derived out of war". The US can not stand up to China without Indian help.

"Our brother doesn't want to wear any Chinese rakhis for which we chose to prepare rakhi at home with the basic house-hold material", she added. And the new Trump administration has reciprocated India's overtures towards it.

Sources said that this time, the Chinese are making “lots of noise” over the issue but Government of India maintained its composure and issued only a few statements to clarify its position.

China has waged its psywar against India largely through disinformation campaigns and media manipulation, aimed at presenting India - a raucous democracy with poor public diplomacy - as the aggressor and China as the aggrieved party. It is likely that Beijing hopes to go a step further with the current Doklam standoff. And China well might be aware of this. The two countries though will certainly try to outmaneuver each other and not play by each other's scripts. "The Doklam area has all along been part of China and under China's continuous and effective jurisdiction".