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Cutler's most efficient season came when Gase was the Chicago Bears' offensive coordinator in 2015.

Cutler is expected to leapfrog longtime Dolphins backup Matt Moore for the starting job while Tannehill remains out with a left knee injury that likely will sideline him for the entire season.

"We just talked about, 'Stay engaged.' He's going to be able to help me out a lot".

Miami was desperate for a quarterback once Tannehill went down and had to consider all of their options.

Cutler's new teammates have begun developing respect with the new QB, including star defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. But I was very upfront with him, kept him in the loop on everything.

"The good thing is I play quarterback so I don't have to be in that great cardiovascular shape", Cutler said. "You go from denial to angry and then all of a sudden we're depressed, and then we go back to denial".

Now that plans have changed, we have no doubt that Cavallari is still excited for her husband, if a little sad that she has to watch him leave.

Ever since, National Football League players (and fans) alike have accused teams of "blacklisting" him either because of the color of his skin, and/or the controversy surrounding him. It is a feeling Jay Cutler, who played for the Bears against Suh's Lions for years, knows all too well.

- Second-year wide receiver Jakeem Grant says the key to his improvement has been simple.

(Was it like a crash course today?) - "It's kind of a crash course if you already took the course before". Given that Cutler was such a divisive figure for more than eight years in the city, it's very possible that they'll be keeping closer tabs - really - on Cutler more than they are on Glennon.

Jay Cutler was peak Jay Cutler during his introductory press conference for the Dolphins, flashing that signature uninterested facial expression multiple times, which got the internet all riled up. I know the system.

"After watching previous year, I saw basically the same stuff; then he got injured. It's going to start feeling like home and everything will settle down".

The news that Tannehill was seriously hurt "was a punch in the gut", Gase said.

Cutler, who had surgery on a shoulder injury in December, was released by the Bears in the offseason and retired to take a television job with Fox Sports in May.