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But while The Spoils Of War kept to that concept, it delivered some much-needed scenes of Stark emotion and such a devastating, high-stakes clash as its big finish that we can overlook the chafing format. In the next episode she will invite some of the Lords of Westeros, and demand that they bend the knee.

While Varma referred to that scene as her "final GoT moments", she also admitted that she is hoping she will be saved at some point. This one seems to be the former, given the dramatic walk he seems to be doing, so maybe this is an instance where something interesting really is happening off-screen. Dany's getting desperate after losing her allies with her world-peace approach and both Tyrion and Jon advise her to persist. But considering this group was a outfit with a guitarist, it would make a lot of sense that they would be part of that straggler group, lazing in the sunshine while Ed worked on his rendition of "Hands of Gold". Our guess? They're saying goodbye to Jon Snow, who may need to finally bend the knee before shoving off and heading north from Dragonstone. In any case, we got the official preview teaser, and all we got to say is that the previous episode was just the taste of what's to come in Season 7. According to the video promo you can review above, Daenerys is about to seize the Lannister army that she attacked with Drogon.

Daenerys' forces destroy the opposition. The pair have said before they don't want Westeros to burn, so could they be discussing the recent fire-filled battle?

And so is the sight of Daenerys being the best kind of leader: One succeeds by absorbing information and also acting on good instincts.

But Dany's need for victory - tempered by Tyrion's wise counsel - led to the show-stopping, chaotic and eerily attractive battle that ended the episode. That being said, the wicked sorcerer has clearly learned a thing or two during his time at the capital and whispers from the Little Birds suggests that the Lannisters may have poisoned their dragon-damaging secret weapon.

When Jamie spots Daenerys, vulnerable and exposed, he charges. But they didn't know who did it. In the books, Daenerys is told a prophecy while she was in The House of the Undying back in Qarth.

So how does House Targaryen and House Stark match up?

Before #DaenerysTargaryen even took to the skies on her flying steed, she was warned that "all it takes is one arrow", and the episode conveniently saw one arrow (nearly) bring down our Khaleesi.

Most viewers think that Jaime will survive - dragged ashore by right-hand man Bronn (who we love purely because he sniggered at Dickon's name).

Two seasons later, Snow has entered a new "attraction" phase with the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. Will Tyrion feel as though he can be trusted if a side switch is offered? The actual story will make or break the anticipated union.