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During a testimony where at one point she burst into tears, Andrea Swift said former DJ David Mueller was the first person her daughter had ever accused of assault during her entire career, which spanned countless meet-and-greets and radio interviews. Swift never initially publicized the incident, and when she filed her counter-suit, she had no reason to falsely accuse Mueller because she had never met him before, Baldridge said.

Mueller filed a lawsuit seeking nearly US$3 million (RM12.87 million) in lost and future wages because of "slander" from members of the Swift camp, while Swift has counter-sued for the alleged sexual assault. Baldridge also said several people noticed the pop star was upset after meeting with the former disc jockey, saying that Swift's bodyguard Greg Dent had testified in a deposition that he had seen Mueller lift Swift's skirt.

Andrea Swift, who took the stand Wednesday spoke about the heartbreaking moment when her daughter told her, "Mom, a guy grabbed my butt".

The mother tearfully acknowledged that her daughter expressed bewilderment at having "thanked" Mueller and his girlfriend after posing with them, despite believing that she had just been groped.

During that day's cross-examination, Mueller was asked for a reason why Taylor Swift would make up her story, to which the former DJ responded, "I can not". "She loves to control her narrative", a music insider said. "A woman gets assaulted, a woman reports it, and she gets sued". "It's been hard on my friends", Mueller said.

The trial centers around Taylor's claim that she was groped by a Denver radio host back in 2013. Mueller also stated that Swift had been groped, but said that it was one of his former KYGO bosses who had been the one to inappropriately touch the singer and had bragged to Mueller about doing so (a claim that Mueller had also made in an earlier court document).

She denied that Taylor specifically asked for Mueller to be fired, but Mrs.

She said she wanted Mueller to get fired but didn't demand it of his employers.

Baldridge also suggested that Mueller had rendered himself unemployable by publicizing the incident with Swift.

"My hand was at rib-cage level and apparently it went down", Mueller said.

"Let's be clear about something from the onset - inappropriate touching is offensive, it's wrong and should never be tolerated", Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland told jurors.

Swift is set to testify during the proceedings. Baldridge asked Mueller, "Can we agree that if you accidentally touched Miss Swift's rear, she'd have a right to not like that?"

"I knew what happened, I heard it from her, I heard it from my daughter's mouth", she said.

Jurors were show a photo of the encounter, which shows his hand behind Swift and below her waist.