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The Larsen C ice shelf crack in Antarctica. "Scientists were free to express what they thought".

But the annual report released Thursday by NOAA and other agencies including the American Meteorological Society documented a series of other alarming statistics and records. In the past, scientists have been reticent to tie specific severe weather events to overall climate change. She said that while cities in South Florida have long had to cope with flooding, climate change could cause people to leave, shrinking the city's tax base. The New York Times was caught once again spreading propaganda in its report on the latest Climate Science Special Report (CSSR). The damage is done and can't be hidden; the evidence is irrefutable.

Winter sea ice locking in Nome for the winter.

A call to action to offset climate change is set to happen in New Haven on Thursday. It surpassed 2015, of course.

The new study considers that each year is not independent of the ones coming before and after it, in contrast to previous estimates that assumed individual years are statistically independent from each other. NOAA attributed the record warmth to global warming, but also a strong El Niño in early 2016.

Via NOAA: "This graph shows glacier mass balance - the difference between ice lost through melting and ice gained through new snowfall - each year since 1980 (blue bars) for the 44 glaciers in the World Glacier Monitoring Service's reference network". Arndt, who has been working on the NOAA annual report for eight years, said it includes the "same general material", and underwent the "same general process".

Via Climate Central: "2016 was the globally averaged hottest year on record, surpassing 2015".

The spike was greatest in the Arctic, where temperatures were 2.6 degrees above the 1981-2010 average and 3.6 degrees higher than they were in 1900. And it is roughly double the trend of surface temperature warning since 1901.

The report said that levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide - all the major greenhouse gases that drive global warming - had risen to new heights. Global seas are about 3.25 inches higher than the 1993 average when satellite recording began. The report warned there was a "significant possibility" of climate surprises in the future, either compound events, where two or more extreme events occur simultaneously, or tipping point events where some threshold in the climate system is crossed.

According to the global report released on August 10, the year 2016 has set the newest record for highest air temperature, highest sea surface temperature, highest rise in sea levels, highest concentration of carbon emissions, and most extensive drought worldwide.

CNN was told the version of the draft that is awaiting Trump administration approval has since been revised twice, although the main findings of the report are still in line with the findings in the version of the draft published by the Times. In some instances, federal agencies have discouraged employees for using the phrase "climate change", asking employees to refer to climate change as "weather extremes". Scott Pruitt, chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, told his review could be made public as soon as this fall.

"There was no attempt to steer the report one way or another", Walsh said. He claims that they could interfere with the EPA work, working to reverse a 2009 study that claims carbon dioxide emissions represent a danger to the public.