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With a solar filter attached you'll be more easily able to capture the true eclipse and a well defined outline of the moon passing in front of the sun.

They are getting 3,000 pairs of glasses on Wednesday.

Amazon has not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer. The landscape around you will be changing as the sun passes behind the moon, which will create cool shadows and a great opportunity for awesome pictures or a time-lapse video.

Cindy Henderson, President of Eyear Optical, says someone's eyes can be seriously damaged if not protected properly.

Jeffersontown Elementary School principal Brooke Schilling says her school's PTA purchased enough glasses for the entire school.

You can also call your local library and eye care centers to see if they are stocking up on them as well.

Do not look at the sun through sunglasses, smoked glasses, or welder's glasses. In response, the American Astronomical Society has updated its safety guidelines, saying that customers should be skeptical even if glasses are stamped with an International Organization for Standardization seal.

How can you spot fake eclipse glasses? "They have to have that", Henderson added. If the person who gave you the glasses is an amateur or professional astronomer, the AAS said, it's likely they're up to the proper standards. "Customers can contact Amazon customer service with any questions or concerns". Amazon then removed the listings from sellers who did not respond and notified people who bought the glasses from them last week.

NASA recommends checking your local science museums, schools, and planetariums for eclipse glasses, so your eyes will be properly protected before viewing the celestial event.