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On Aug. 21, for the first time in almost a century, an exciting earthly phenomenon will occur for almost three minutes: a total solar eclipse visible from coast-to-coast.

No problem! Make your own free pinhole camera in five easy steps to safely watch the solar eclipse on August 21.

So what are our chances here in the UK?

When you put them on, it should look completely dark, but when you look at the sun, it will look like the moon. But in the "Path of Totality", where the moon will block 99 percent of the sun, animals will think its sunset.

On Monday, August 21, North America will see a solar eclipse. Those in northern parts of the country are expected to have the best visibility.

According to Motl, a total solar eclipse only occurs on any given spot on Earth every 375 years. This contrasts with the penumbra, where the sun is only partially blocked resulting in a partial eclipse. "In addition, agencies should not encourage or endorse any solar eclipse watching events or allow employees physical access to areas that are not associated with their regular work duties in order to view the solar eclipse".

The path of totality for August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse is about 70 miles wide and stretches from OR to SC.

"Wear your eclipse glasses for the entire partial phases of the eclipse", Whitehouse says. "The only place totality touches is USA soil". You want to make sure you get a proper pair.

Staring directly at the sun, even if only briefly, can lead to permanent damage to your retina causing decreased vision or possible permanent blindness, known as solar retinopathy or solar maculopathy. "That's how you can look at the eclipse without damaging your eyes".

"One of the little girls at the schools asked if her dog needs eclipse glasses", says Andrew Garmon.

If this is too crafty for you, you can find safe solar viewing glasses through some community centers and libraries.

If you're planning on peeping Monday's total eclipse and don't want to hunt down eclipse viewing glasses, Pizza Hut has a tasty solution for you.