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Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) admonished the president to fix, "for the sake of our nation", the fact that white supremacist groups praise the current occupant of the White House.

The reverberations from the violence in Charlottesville continue to echo as President Donald Trump faces further fallout from his handling of the situation. "Several said they were unable to see how Mr. Trump's presidency would recover, and others expressed doubts about his capacity to do the job".

"He's lost the Congress at this point".

"No, I'll be reaching out", Trump said. "Thank you all!" Trump tweeted from NY. She said that she has been receiving a number of calls from the White House.

"Before I make a statement, I need the facts", he said. ".This may embolden Republicans to move on their own".

"I have not and now I will not", Susan Bro told ABC News.

Shrugging off a barrage of bipartisan criticism, Trump waded back into the charged racial debate over monuments to the pro-slavery Civil War South with a volley of early morning tweets. He first slammed "publicity seeking" Sen.

A group of House Democrats said this week that they will introduce the resolution to censure Trump for the "both sides" comment and for excusing the behavior of participants in the rally.

Following intense backlash over his initial refusal to name and condemn the hate groups involved, the President defiantly insisted there were "very fine people" marching alongside the neo-Nazis and Klansmen.

Opponents call the statues a festering symbol of racism, while supporters say they honor American history. "Instead, we should learn from history, as Lincoln said in 1865 a month before Appomattox, 'With malice toward none, with charity for all'".

Today, Trump lashed out at both on Twitter.

The Times describes the dismay of Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, who stood near Trump on Tuesday, and in the Washington Post, "those close to Cohn described him as "disgusted" and 'frantically unhappy, ' although he did not threaten to resign".

When a tape came out featuring Trump bragging about sexual assaulting women, his poll numbers did not take a dive with Republicans, including Republican women.

Flake recently wrote a pointed book criticizing what Trump has done to the Republican Party.

When Trump proposed an unconstitutional travel ban on people from Muslim countries, he had the backing of 84 percent of Republicans.

These two flags represent the exact same thing: that certain people groups are not welcome here.

Pastor Mark Burns, an African-American televangelist who leads a small congregation in SC and serves on the board, said in an interview on MSNBC on Saturday that he stood by Trump. Though the policy influence of such advisory groups is sometimes questionable, simply meeting with Trump with TV cameras going is valuable face-time for the executives - and for the president.

Senators had already started to disregard Trump's suggestions on how to do their jobs. Military leaders made their call as well, issuing statements - in the wake of Charlottesville - making clear they embrace diversity and reject bigotry.

They largely shifted focus to tax reform, while the GOP head of the Senate committee overseeing health care is holding hearings next month on ways to stabilize Obamacare markets.

Representatives for Flake and Ward did not reply to requests for comment.