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Replacing the Fitbit Surge, the new Fitbit Ionic is the company's new top-end fitness and sports tracker.

Today this changes, as Fitbit officially unveils the Ionic smartwatch, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Like the Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta HR, the Fitbit Ionic has interchangeable straps.

With a price tag of US$299.95, Ionic is priced above Apple Watch's starting price of US$269. I asked Fitbit about the possibility of a bundle, and they refused to confirm or deny anything - but that would certainly make sense in terms of product positioning.

With a sizable earpiece and a neck cord, Flyer isn't almost as diminutive as AirPods, but I found them comfortable enough to wear.

Using Ionic's screen, Fitbit Coach provides personalized video instruction on a variety of exercises. Display brightness measures in at 1000nits, making it as bright as the Series 2 Apple Watch.

Each is slightly raised too, as Fitbit thinks this will help you find them when you're fumbling around for the buttons while sweating and trying not to throw up when truly pushing yourself. Even now, with the reveal of the $300 Ionic watch, payments buried under a pile of more prominent features.

More Stock News: This Is Bigger than the iPhone! The design is decidedly Fitbit, with a square display and plenty of room for bezels. "With Ionic, I can see my heart rate zones in real-time so I can gauge how hard I'm pushing myself during a workout, and track my sleep each night to make sure I'm rested and recovered so I'm at my best on the court the next day". Additionally, the new watch has revamped Global Positioning System capabilities and an average battery life of more than four days.

Can Fitbit pull off a turnaround with Ionic? You'll get real time info on heart rate zones during exercise and info on your resting heart rate in the morning.

Here's the general overview of the Ionic, provided by Verizon.

Rounding out Fitbit's new fall lineup is an updated version of its Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, which has been reengineered for greater accuracy and easier Bluetooth setup. It offers several improvements that we'll walk you through now. There's a heart rate sensor on board and a new SpO2 sensor which can be used to estimate the blood oxygen levels.

Many official definitions of smartwatches, including those from the IDC, only include smartwatches that run third-party applications. The Blaze, although it does not offer third-party applications, offered many other smartwatch features including notifications.

Developers can check out the SDK here.

At launch, everything on the Ionic App Gallery will be free, but there may be paid for alternative apps at some stage in the future.

Users load their cards to the Fitbit companion app and then tap their watch contactless terminals around the world, with the transactions secured through the Visa and Mastercard token services. Fitbit has seemingly gotten in at an ideal time, as there is still room for another wearable and platform. Fitbit calls it futuristic, as the design team behind the Ionic apparently drew inspiration from things like Martian landscapes and Sci-Fi movies.

That would be NFC for the company's new payment service, Fitbit Pay. How useful that will be remains to be seen, but at least Fitbit will have a differentiator it can leverage as it markets the new watch over the coming weeks and months. In the morning the app will provide you with detailed info on light, deep and REM sleep stages. For a company that has grown its reputation based on ~ $99 fitness trackers that's perhaps asking a lot.