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- Hurricane Harvey victims are in desperate need, and many people around the world want to donate.

But if you come across a donation website that you are wary of, there is a "report campaign" button on the bottom of every page where you can alert GoFundMe to investigate.

Fraud isn't the only issue.

Your donations should go to established organizations that are prepared for large-scale disasters.

Organizations like the Salvation Army, United Way, and Red Cross will not do that. "The effects of this storm continue to put people in harm's way, with horrific scenes playing out all around, such as those of people trapped on their rooftops as water continues to rise around them". Turner says he did so in response to an overwhelming number of calls from people around the country who are eager to help.

San Diego-based International Relief Teams is already working to provide storm evacuees with personal hygiene kits.

Here's a warning you should be made aware of.

All charities that raise more than $25,000 a year must register with the Pennsylvania Department of State's Charitable Bureau Division, which can be reached at 1-800-732-0999.

Stay away from the middleman. By entering the charity name, you can learn about a charity and determine whether it is legitimate or not. Finally, keep tabs on the resources you provide the charity to ensure it lives up to its promise of providing the best disaster relief possible. Officials are asking Kentuckians to stop by any of the five Kentucky Blood Center centers to make a donation.

Just three months after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the Northeast in 2012, the Red Cross had received more than $254 million in donations and pledges.

And the BBB says be careful of Twitter requests for help using the #Harvey hashtag, which does not guarantee anything.

Spence told ABC 17 News that when you do donate, use a credit card.

Once you decide where to donate, giving money, not supplies, is best, Rosenzweig said.

To donate call (615) 321-4939 or visit www.cfmt.org. But not everyone has the funds to donate money to relief efforts.

After Hurricane Harvey left a path of destruction in Southeast Texas, naturally people want to help.