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The music video for the song, "Look What You Made Me Do", opens with an image of a gravestone.

Because not only is Shake It Off one of the most annoyingly catchy songs in the universe, but also because this music video is everything, and we're all about showcasing awkwardness. But, who killed Taylor? The climax of the video, where all the Taylor incarnations repeat negative statements made about Swift throughout her career, is both hilarious and brilliant.

From the moment Taylor Swift appears as a zombie coming out of the dirt in a cemetery to biting on diamonds in the bathtub, we know Swift is in for some unserious business. This is a pretty serious diss seeing as Katy Perry has been nominated for a total of 13 Grammys and has not received a single one. Is this video supposed to make viewers respect her for being able to mock her bad reputation?

Christian Hassold, whose site the Ticket Economist explores the politics and economics of the secondary ticketing market, doesn't believe Swift and Ticketmaster's pitch will do any damage to her reputation. Looking at Swift in "Look What You Made Me Do", and the subsequent audience response, I could not help but be reminded of Miley Cyrus - another white, female "role model" who lost her sheen in the public eye and subsequently, to some, fell from grace. She beat the 24-hour Vevo Video Views on YouTube and in little more than a week, the video has garnered over 105 million views. The clash started at the MTV Video Music Awards when West leaped onstage to interrupt Swift's acceptance speech. "Even if you don't like T. Swift and you've heard anything other than what is on the radio, you know she's a lyrical genius". "With all the time Swift and her squad have spent ... urging fans to focus on issues that really matter, the pop superstar could have actually directed some much-needed millennial attention toward HRC". "I'm the biggest Taylor Swift fan", Kardashian said. "We are focusing on a single song as it will be much easier to concentrate our efforts into that, than say a whole album getting to #1".

I want to see great storytelling from Swift again.

Many have speculated Swift's latest single "Look What You Made Me Do", which came out last week, takes subtle shots at Kardashian and West, considering the promotions for its release, the lyric video and the music video all incorporate snakes.

Within the first verse she makes a comment about Kanye West and his titled stage from his Saint Pablo tour.

One of Taylor's former selves asks, "What's with that b****?" At the very least, it would have given me fewer nightmares. After posting several Snapchat stories of himself lip-syncing and dancing along to the song, he edited them all together into a full-length video interpretation of his own.

The electro-pop track, the lead single from Swift's forthcoming album Reputation, broke Spotify records for the most streams in a day on its release, with eight million plays globally. Fans of Taylor Swift are eager to find out who the 27-year-old singer will call out next.